Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet first kiss

Hiding for months Kylie Jenner AND Timothy Chalamet they decided to go out and for this they chose an incredible stage, such as a concert that was held by beyoncé In Los Angeles.

If any videos showing the actor were released in the last few hours Dunes and the smallest of Kardashian on the date Renaissance Tourstruggling with languid looks and sly smiles, new videos have emerged in the past few hours that immortalize the couple during a concert, when they exchange more than one kiss, despite the paparazzi lenses and the eyes of the most curious.

First public release Timothy AND Kylie Jenner takes place 5 months after the relationship news began to circulate between a 27-year-old and a 25-year-old girl, who at the time had just broken up with her partner. Travis Scottwith whom she broke up at the beginning of the year after 6 years of relationship and the birth of two children. “They met and get to know each other,” the source said. Peoplewhich confirms the rumors about this new couple, who have been careful not to be photographed together in recent months.

The first meetings between Timothy Chalamet AND Kylie Jenner they took place in their homes to give both the opportunity to meet and talk away from prying eyes and without any pressure. Thus, the first public appearance of the couple may mean that between the sister Kim Kardashian and star Wonka things have already become serious, to the point that they can be experienced openly.

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