Cupra Marittima, Cinema Margherita program from September 1st to 5th.

SEA CUPR – The 23/24 movie season at Margherita will officially open on September 1st with a feature film of the season, signed by Christopher Nolan’s master hand, Oppenheimer, already at the top of the charts in its first week of programming in Italy. , reaching 6 million in revenue.

An original film about the most controversial man in history.
It’s contradictory but it’s true”, explains J. Robert Oppenheimer, welcoming the first student enrolled in his theoretical physics course at the University of Berkeley. He talks about light and its dual nature, both wave and corpuscular, both corpuscular and wave. This example helps Oppenheimer explain to a young student a fundamental principle, perhaps the fundamental principle of quantum physics, that a thing can be itself, as well as something else, at the same time and under the same conditions.

Nolan also needs an example to explain Oppenheimer, both man and film: in an interview with the New York Times, the director said that Oppie, as his friends called him and as he calls him now, was both the most important person and the most naive person who, when or lived. “It’s contradictory, but it’s true,” and therefore one and the same person (Oppenheimer) can be simultaneously, under the same conditions, both a hero and a war criminal, and one and the same director can be simultaneously, under the same conditions. conditions. conditions, at the same time an apologist than a judge.

The cast is simply stellar: Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr.

Programming: Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan (USA 2023,180′), A film dedicated to Oppenheimer, the scientist who developed the atomic bomb.

Friday 09.01 at 17-21

Saturday 9 February at 17-21

Sunday, March 9 at 17-21.

Monday 9 April at 21 VOS (original English version with Italian subtitles)

Tuesday 09.05 at 21.00.

One-time entry 5 euros.

The light of the projector does not stop, we are waiting for you! Coming soon: “I am the captain” by Matteo Garrone.

We remind you that a change was made to the original program of the broadcast: the daytime shows of “Fantasy House” were replaced by “Oppenheimer” at the request of the public.

Thanks to the Cinema Margarita cinema for its activities and management of offers, because thanks to its dynamism it confirms itself as the last respectable cinematographic stronghold in our region.

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