Curly hair with afro texture, the most beautiful hair in the world

For some time, especially in recent years, That curly hair from textures afroIn addition to being fashionable and popular on social media (over 4 million posts under the hashtag #afrohair), they are back in fashion on the runway, on the red carpet, on the small and big screen.

These are no longer just signs of rebellion against the Eurocentric aesthetic canons prevailing in the nineties(Kate Moss straightened her hair and fair skin) but examples beauty inclusive which moves (also) from hair to self-acceptance and understanding the diversity that makes a person unique.

Celebrities with iconic afro hairstyles

If for a long time black women were encouraged to adopt Caucasian beauty standards instead of embracing their own universality, natural hair, Today, as we live in an age where famous women still play a (very) important role in the beauty decisions we all make, we thank celebrities who show themselves with their Afro hair, free and naturally soft.

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Let’s think about Lupita Nyong’o who wrote history when she became the first African woman to win an Oscar in 2014: contributions for the occasion beauty this was ensured, of course, by him afro hairstyle adorned with a simple gold ribbon that sent Twitter into a tailspin.

Lupita Nyong’o’s iconic hairstyle at the 2014 Oscars. Photo: Getty

Tracee Ellis Ross (daughter of the legendary Diana Ross, another icon curly) always boasted about his va va voom hairstyle so much so that he even created his own hair care line a few years ago. Patterns, dedicated to 50 (or more) shades of hedgehog. And how can you not mention this? Naomi CampbellWho rocked a new Afro-chic look at the 2019 Haute Couture show in Paris that would be the envy of women all over the world (including those who love sleekness)? Back to basics for a supermodel with explosive success. It’s still Viola Daviswho captivated at Cannes last May with her sparkling hair that stretched to infinity and beyond.

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