YouTube, here are all the trends for summer 2023

Having seen the summer trends according to Spotify, it’s time to take stock of the season, including in relation to video clips. YouTube has taken care of this and today published details of the most popular videos on the platform. That’s what they are.


Collaborations certainly stand out among the trendswhich reached its peak this year with Disco Paradise Fedez, Annalisa and Article 31, Crazy music Marco Mengoni and Elodie Strawberry Achille Lauro and Rose Willen. It’s still Lambada by Boomdabash with Paola and Chiara, Crime Melody Ana Mena and Fred De Palma e Taxi on the Moon Tony Effe and Emma Marrone.

Rap is the most popular genre on YouTube

In recent weeks, YouTube users have been captivated by the diss tracks between Luce and Salmo, which have become some of the most popular on the platform.. Rap is certainly the hottest genre for the summer of 2023, thanks also to Tedua, who is still at the top of the charts and views with his The Divine Comedy – and Madame, who recently entered the platform’s ranking with Orange juice.

Movie references are very popular

Video clips with references to cinema, especially from the 50s to 80s, are also very popular on YouTube this summer.. I am an example of this A little joy Blanco and Mina Summer song di Levante – inspired by the cinematography of Peter Greenaway – e Italodisco from The Kolors with an 80s vibe.

YouTube Shorts strengthen the relationship between artists and fans

Shorts are also gaining a place in trends., a short-form video format on YouTube that deepens artists’ relationships with fans. These are, for example, the short films “Dietro l’estate” (and concerts) of Levante.

You can follow the trends by viewing YouTube charts here.

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