Damiano David kisses Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs and makes fans dream

The last MTV Video Music Awards had two great heroes: me Moneskin – defined by none other than the New York Times as “The Greatest Italian Rock Band of All Time” and winners in the “Best Rock” category – and Taylor Swift which received 9 of 11 nominations, making VMA history.

Taylor Swift and Moneskin have also become the protagonists of something other than their awards and their qualities, in particular, the American pop star and frontman of the Italian group Damiano David makes fans dream after a kiss from her to him during the performance.

Damiano David kisses Taylor Swift

After days of silence Damiano David’s response to the kiss sent to him by Taylor Swift has arrived. during the performance of “Honey (Are You Coming?)”. The Måneskin frontman posted on Instagram with additional photos and videos, accompanied by the caption: “Last night was fun! Thank you to everyone who voted for us, we love you very much. PS: @taylorswift thank you for the blessing, we are all tall, blonde and gorgeous.”

Moreover, in the second video he again films her kissing him, and in the third photo he writes an advertisement for chips with the words “Tall, blonde and wonderful.”

It’s unavoidable many fans under the post Damiano David and Taylor Swift they ask if this could be the start of a relationship and they want to know whether things are moving forward or not.

Photo: Instagram – LaPresse.

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