Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed

Who hasn’t imagined, one way or another, playing an alien and exterminating the entire human race? I think it’s because the fantasy film, thanks to the sheer amount of stories from literature and the world of comics, imagined such a scenario. In fact, thanks to THQ’s efforts over the years, we’ve had two chapters of the series that have appeared on different platforms in one way or another.

From an era prefix 2 and from the first Xbox It was also originally intended for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 AND Xbox One in the respective versions from Remastered, which guaranteed the high definition format. The second episode was originally released for PS2 AND Xbox it then arrived on other platforms digitally over the years, but more recently a remake of the second episode called Reprobed was published – as you can read from the title – since there is no multiplayer, due to the fact that all the DLC released so far with this version, they are all integrated.

I tried and played and I liked it Xbox Series X and we would try to see the connections of the first episode (I played this last one on PC in the remastered version) and for those who were wondering the answer is yes because it is also presented to the ecosystem. sony.

You can purchase the Xbox game directly from this link.

Return of Crypto

A little more than 10 years have passed since the events of the first chapter, in fact Crypto 137 – a member of the race of the same name – ended up on earth for two reasons, the first of which was to find a way to reproduce, because his species does not reproduce, but clones itself. The second is to kill all of humanity after the discovery of pure DNA from terrestrial species, until it is killed and studied by a group of scientists from the USA.

Meanwhile in the 50’s he’s sent down to earth Crypto 138 tasked with doing the same research as his predecessor, but after impersonating the President of the United States, he goes crazy throwing parties with lots of models, entertaining state officials with sumptuous dinners, and more. Thanks to these contexts, the rejection of the ideals of destruction Crypto138 discovers a way to reproduce.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union discovers 138’s true identity and destroys the mother ship of the gods. Crypto orbiting the earth, and in the process attacking an alien on earth, but not before carrying brainwaves smallpox i.e. mentor of two Crypto, in the cybernetic core, since the body was destroyed on the ship mentioned above. From here, our story will begin to recover not only alien technology, but also figure out how to kill all of humanity without being discovered.

Freedom of our street

First Destroy all mankind was made as if it were a story, where from one mission to another we had to complete certain tasks in order to understand how people reproduce and find a way to Crypto do the same and kill all of humanity in the process. The essence of alien supremacy is kept intact, allowing the player to feel no difference from the previous episode, but retaining the title’s originality even after many years have passed.

Why am I saying this? Just Be a Developer THQ Nordic decided to transfer the player from the episodic story in the style hail of bullets understand each other, to the reality of an open world with the possibility of visiting different imaginary cities. These locations are inspired by various metropolitan areas of our reality, such as Alboni inspired London Bye bay city looks like a california city San Franciscoand this happens little by little with all the realities present in the game.

But choosing a location to follow the story in different cities is not the only addition of the remake, because it could be done in the original version, but our ship was limited only in transport, now it has several other features that we will talk about Later. An aspect that I’ve adored since the early days that I’ve often stopped enjoying changing from time to time even just to change the look is the skins for the 138 and the spaceship.

News for fashion icon

In the remake you can miss, just think what happened to medieval, literally transferred a product released in the 90s to more recent times, the result? You have the same game with the same strengths and weaknesses. This also happened with Destroy all people 2? Absolutely not, as some new features have been added that, for those who know the game in recent years, have not seen each other.

Secondary missions have been enlarged to take on various challenges for enthusiasts, such as attacking the forts of various armies (such as American, British or Soviet) or competing with futron (i.e. robots that help me Crypto) in 3 different types of speeds. In addition to the side quests, the Arkvooodle mode has also been added, but what is this new interaction?

In a nutshell I Crypto they created a cult thanks to various artifacts brought back Funtronwho for thousands of years brought some idols to our planet. In order not to be seen in a negative light and perhaps as a prophet, we must carry out various missions related to our flying saucer where people can visit you, or be a place of peace, but always a landing zone for our spacecraft.

Coupe on business, but not for dope

However, it should be noted, for those who might like the multiplayer sector like me, Destroy all people 2 this is a single player game and in order to play online you need to download a separate branch from the store. If the campaign requires spending in euros to play legally, the online game is completely free and can be played locally or over an internet connection.

But going back to the second chapter of the series and hoping for a third chapter in the near future that doesn’t hurt, the game mechanics are extremely simple and similar to the previous chapter. With the tablet trigger, we could literally kill anyone in front of us, with the respectable arsenal we could find while adventuring across the various game maps.

Through the left spine we can change weapons, by pressing a second we switch from primary to secondary – and no further – and if we continue to press the same key, we will be shown a weapon wheel. In total, there are 9 weapons that we could use against those unfortunate human beings, which will be divided respectively into hippies and defense forces (police, army or spies).

let’s not show up

A very interesting aspect is the movement, because, as he said in the film Men in Black With Will Smith, mankind as a population is not ready to meet aliens, but man is ready. In fact, those who know the reality of the Grays do not hesitate to confront them, both by diplomacy and force, while with the normal population instead, who do not know the extraterrestrial reality, they will be extremely frightened by the context, in fact they are rather just run away and call the police.

From there a firefight will start with the protagonist until we have an escalation with the army, here we have two possibilities, the first is to kill everyone – with the risk of being brutally killed if the shield strip falls to the ground, which regenerates if we take cover – or fly as iron Man. Because really Crypto 138 it is possible to have a JetPack capable of moving in 3 dimensions, in case they see us, it will be enough to go up to the roof and wait until the fear passes.

On the other hand, for missions, they are very easy to find, just check the map, divided into a small screen and menu, the size of a TV / monitor screen, where the blue icons are secondary missions and the yellow ones are for the story.
The technical sector is really up to the mark with funny jokes for both 138 and the interlocutors, the music is very beautiful and the sound effects fit the context. Even if the dubbing is up to par, however, it should be noted that it is in English, however, with the translation of subtitles and voices on the screen, this is nice.

Combination of skills

Re-reading the article, I realized that I forgot about genetic mixing, in fact, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Crypto they are looking for a way to reproduce, which is not, of course, forced cloning. Cloning is certainly important because it will allow long-term replacement of organs over time, but it has the disadvantage that if you reproduce copies of gene copies in the distant future, it will be impossible to recreate a clone.

Therefore, I am on Earth to study DNA combination, by doing this you have the possibility of having extraordinary abilities through gene manipulation with the help of humans and other aliens, mentioned but not mentioned. In fact, we could use a lot of abilities stemming from the upgrade screen, which we could unlock with skill points, which would then unlock other abilities.

These powers will be different from lifting people or objects, impersonating others, or setting people up, however, some of them have such strong wills that they cannot be manipulated. Therefore, we could use up to four skills, divided into appropriate pad or keyboard keys depending on where and how you play, which will help change the way you have fun in the game. Destroy all people 2.



Returning to annoy humanity 18 years after the game’s original launch, the game is extremely fun and mechanically solid with a few gags related to the pop culture world of sci-fi, sci-fi and more. Enjoy many hours of gameplay with main missions and side missions that can entertain the user in different ways, both for yourself and for the whole family.

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