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Gastritis is everywhere in Spain

It’s not that I want to promote drinking; Sometimes you need a gin to digest daily political life, which becomes increasingly difficult. Don Juan, the old king who had never ruled, had to digest the many misfortunes of his life, along with his sworn enemy Francisco Franco. One day, he was traveling with a friend and they flew to Madrid early in the morning. He said to his friend: “Don’t you think it’s time for a gin?” He replied: “Sir, in Bombay, it must be already It’s seven o’clock in the afternoon.” So they both ate it dry, with a little lemon zest, and some salty almonds on the side.

in Spain Gastritis is everywhere around us.:amnesty; headphones and simultaneous translators when we have a beautiful common language spoken by hundreds of millions of people on the planet; the arrogance of a sick person who sacrifices everything for power…it’s all as disgusting and heartless as nature. I’m well aware that we don’t suffer more than is fair due to the circumstances we face, but I’m not like Woody Allen, who, when introducing his recent film “Lucky Luck,” “If I ever wanted to start my life over again, I would work on something else,” the assurance said. He claimed he was dissatisfied, but we’re not dissatisfied. It’s the protagonists of the news who cause dissatisfaction. But what is this Basque-speaking Semper doing? I don’t know if he was trying to be nice, or to be polyglot, or to drop his pants in front of nationalists and separatists, but for me, I had to take him down immediately. He’s one of those guys who’s not only expendable but screwed up. Indeed, the Genoa team (from Genoa, the headquarters of the People’s Party) looked just as bad as the women’s team, whose behavior provoked not only rejection but revulsion and undermined the World Cup victory. People talk about them only for negative reasons, because their success should cause widespread joy and affection, even for those of us who don’t care at all.

In the EU, they no longer recognize Catalan, Galician and Basque as official languages, and it’s no wonder. Even without adding Spanish regional languages, they already create enough complexity with other member states. What really needs to be solved is the immigration issue that keeps poor Meloni up at night. Lampedusa was an ancient sea base for the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Berbers, and was invaded by the Saracens. The plunder of men was now overwhelmed by a steady stream of ships. Tunisia and Libya, although von der Leyen applied for an aid package in mid-July, it apparently did not work.

But let’s add a little fun and humor to our lives. According to a study by the Spanish Institute of Marine Research and Marine Research, I mean, this is a very thoughtful and serious work, When anchovies mate, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean become turbulent. Like being in a big storm. I think this is the most wonderful thing I’ve read in a while. An animal so small – and, by the way, so delicious whether pickled, fried, pickled or pickled in any way – turns out to be a sexual troublemaker in the ocean. Instead of using a translator to talk to the person next to us, we should consider being more interesting.

end. Princess Leonor gives us another reason to be positive. His role as a cadet is a source of pride for those of us who feel monarchy and take pride in our nation’s armed forces. Those who want to hide in shame the upcoming marches in Madrid and Neptune Square to avoid booing those who want to destroy Spain.

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