Do you want wavy Jennifer Aniston hair? Here is her beauty secret: she will amaze you!

Jennifer Aniston she is undoubtedly one of the best known and most appreciated actresses of the international star system. Her charisma and her sympathy have conquered millions of fans, who thanks to Instagram are able to follow her every move.

how to copy Jennifer Aniston's waves
how to copy Jennifer Aniston’s waves –

The American actress can boast a decades-long career, during which she managed to win important awards and recognitions. Her notoriety is mainly due to her character of Rachel in Friends, the famous television series that aired in the 90s. Since then, his career has taken off. After the end of the series, which ended in 2004, she Jennifer landed in the cinema, where she managed to act in very successful films.

Over the years she has been at the center of gossip several times, especially for her love life. just think of her relationship with Brad Pitt, with whom she is got married in 2000, although the story ended five years later. According to some rumors, the reason for the separation would be due to a betrayal by Pitt himself, who would have betrayed Aniston his future second ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, met on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith.

How to replicate Jennifer Aniston’s super sensual waves

Over the years we’ve gotten to know the actress’s personality, as well as her amazing looks, which are jaw-dropping every time. Her elegance and her sophistication are unsurpassed. But what is the secret behind her gorgeous looks?

how to copy Jennifer Aniston's waves
how to copy Jennifer Aniston’s waves –

Apparently there are many tricks of the trade that stars use to get a red carpet look, but Jennifer has finally decided to spit it out, revealing how she manages to get perfectly wavy hair. We already tell you that she requires some effort and of course the use of hot tools.

In a video posted on her Instagram profile, where she has over 41 million followers, the famous actress is holding a hair oil called Lightweight Hair Oil by Lolaviethe beauty brand founded by Aniston herself.

In the clip, which you can find at the bottom of this article, she sports a black dressing gown and shows slightly damp hair. The Rachel of Friends all she does is pour a few drops of product into her hand using the dropper, then rubs it between her hands before applying it to her strands. According to the brand’s website, the product moisturizes hair, fights frizzwhile increasing its shine.

The actress then rubs her hair to distribute the oil evenly throughout the strands. And voila, at the end of the video shows itself in all its charm with sensational waves, imperfect to the right point and with a volume ready to be shown off on the red carpet. In the caption of the video, the 54-year-old wrote: “Air dry with some @lolavie”. The clip immediately garnered countless likes, including those from various celebrities, including Jenna Dewan, ex-wife of Channing Tatum, with whom she shares a daughter, Everly, who will soon turn 10.

So Aniston opted for an air-dry, a quick and easy method which manages to beautifully enhance its waves. But not only. In fact, even health can benefit from it. Every once in a while it helps to take breaks from using heat tools, which only weaken the hair.

For best results when choosing an air-dried style, be sure to moisturize your hair in the shower with a moisturizing shampoo and hair mask, and look for products that are specific to your hair texture to use afterward. Besides adding products to your hair after a shower, you can also style it in braids to get the desired look without using any hot tools.

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