Doing repairs in the house, is it worth it to buy it for alteration?

Home Renovation: Should You Buy One That Needs to be Remodeled?

Do you like them repair houses, I like to look at restyling photos on TO, and even more than that, since you have noticed that even some newly built houses are being renovated. Did you decide: the next house you buy will be refurbished, and you have already started saving up for the makeup of your dreams. But all houses are suitable for this goal?

To find out, we spoke to Paula Mena from Yeyé Estudio. “We find your dream home in Madrid by exploring the city discover hidden treasures that others can’t see,” he says on his website. They also tell us from BABELstudio, the authors of the original renovation of an old apartment in the center of Bilbao.

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What are the benefits of home renovation?

“The reality of the Spanish real estate market is that 80% of homes are in need of a major overhaul,” says Mena. And in Italy, for example, 75% of houses are far from the EU green energy class (source Sole 24Ore). “It is quite normal to find very old houses (in Madrid the average age is over 53 years old) that fit the lifestyle of half a century ago, so the main advantage of renovating (almost mandatory) is that adapt the apartment to your needs and create a space that represents usas opposed to buying an already renovated apartment, where you always have to adapt to the existing space,” he adds.

© Erlanz Biederbost Erlanz Biederbost

This house in the historic center of Bilbao, renovated by BABELstudio, demonstrates why integrating the bedroom into the living room is a good idea.

It is important for a professional that such an important investment is directed towards create a completely custom home: “The space you are going to live in should be a reflection of who you are,” she emphasizes. They also agree with BABELstudio, also emphasizing other benefits such as the possibility of improvement original elements typical of old houses (e.g. high ceilings or cement tile floors). In addition, from their point of view, this type of housing is usually found in more central places cities compared to new buildings, and allows restore an existing building, “a more sustainable formula for the environment.”

“Another key advantage of the purchase is, of course, price. L’Buying a renovated property is cheaper than buying a renovated property or in good condition,” they add from Yeyé Studio. “And finally, and most importantly: the peace of mind of knowing the quality of the work required.”

It is important for Mena to renovate an old house, not only to add exquisite finishes, but above all to make sure that the plumbing, electrical and thermal and acoustic insulation are in good condition. Guaranteed for the future so that everything goes smoothly.

And what are the disadvantages of home renovation?

While there seem to be many advantages to this type of purchase, there are also disadvantages to this operation. Begin, it takes some time to renovate the house before moving (or living in it, which creates a lot of inconvenience). And besides, as BABELstudio emphasizes, it is also necessary to plan and manage the work.

But also finances can be another hurdle to the implementation of this restyling: “The main disadvantage of buying a house for renovation isinitial investment; if when buying an apartment we always pay 20% more than the actual cost of the object (appraisal, notary, agency fees, etc.), then when buying a house for renovation, the cost of the work must be added to the original cost. investment,” Mena clarifies.

How do you know which house to buy for renovation?

For a Yeyé Studio professional, the most important thing is to make a list of priorities and “know the characteristics of each house that we can change and those that we cannot change.” Important to choose homes that allow us the most flexibility to carry out the renovations we desire: Locate wet rooms (bathrooms and kitchens), locate gutters and see if we can relocate these rooms, and determine the structure of the building (regardless of whether it consists of columns or load-bearing walls) to know with absolute certainty which sections can be deleted for a new layout. And, of course, take into account natural lighting and ventilation.

This is a non-trivial question: “There are houses, for example, with numerous deaf rooms. If, for example, there are three bedrooms in an apartment, and all three are deaf, then it is better to leave it alone.

This is a wake up call for Mena. Other? Premises where you are not entirely sure about the possibility of changing the purpose to residential, living quarters in buildings structural problems or buildings with a history of deficiencies or defects that have never been corrected owners. “It is important to analyze the construction history of the apartments we are interested in in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.”

BABELstudio agrees: “The first thing to check is the condition of the building; it is important to make sure that the design is in good state of conservation or expected fix it short term. Once you’ve made sure the house is “healthy”, the most important factors to consider are: amount of light and openings in the facadeas well as orientation, geometry, and location.”

© Salva Lopez | Production: Amaya de Toledo

View of the living room of a new house designed by Casa Josephine in Segovia, with built-in seating. The terracotta tiled floor is custom made by Toledo artisans and continues outside.

Mena adds: “In our experience, we have unfortunately seen scared homeowners whyafter buying a house, they realized that unable to do what they had in intelligence. Therefore, it is important to have at least one professional advice nowso make sure it’s the best investment for you. This way, after buying your home, you will be able to make the repairs you want and need, not only in terms of space, but also in terms of regulations and even budget.

How do I know which repair company to contact?

Once you have chosen your dream home, the question arises: who will do the repairs? “We all know someone who has had a bad experience with a construction project, perhaps because it took too long, or because the budget increased little by little, without any control,” Mena admits.

“In order to be able to do quality work and without surprises, it is necessary determine the entire reconstruction project, says the professional. “This includes not only the floor plans and documentation, but the full dimensions of the entire project. This way we can request different estimates from different specialists in order to be able to compare them and agree on the most convenient one,” he explains.

“When a decision needs to be made, it is important that we are given full estimates of the entire operation, whether they are all materials to be used for the job have been determined and of course that contract before the start of work, indicating the budget and deadlines by agreement between the two parties.”

And, of course, harmony between the customer and the contractor is necessary: “It is important to use the services of professionals who give you confidence and peace of mind. you need to make this investment; Home renovations don’t happen every day.

BABELstudio adds: “It is important to find a company to work with communicate and express your needs. It’s always helpful see reference books that they have created and receive advice, both from close people and from technical management.

Article published on AD Spainadapted by Paola Corazza.

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