that’s how Dance the Night became a hit! (PHOTO)

Behind-the-scenes footage of the choreography included in the blockbuster is not to be missed.

Dua Lipa celebrate success dance the nightdetail engraved especially for the film Barbiethrough an Instagram post. Last Saturday, a famous Spanish pop star told fans that the song had hit the top 5 in the UK, which fills her with satisfaction. I feel grateful to the fans who are also close to her in this project. On Spotify, it is the most played song on the film’s tracklist, ahead of even Nicki Minaj, with around 140 million streams. The successful public outcry proves that she has done an excellent job.

How Dua Lipa’s Single “Dance the Night” Became a Hit: Choreography Rehearsals

Dua Lipa shows behind the scenes of Dance the Night -

Contacted the soundtrack manager Barbie, Mark Ronson, wrote the track with him, as well as Andrew Wyatt and Caroline Eileen, noted in the post. When Ronson pitched the idea to her, she readily agreed immediately, asking if it was possible to know the development of the plot, the message that the film is trying to convey to the audience, and, above all, the time when the work will be used. In gratitude to the fans, Dua Lipa also posted a video where the main actors, Margot Robbie and Ryan Goslingrehearse choreography.

This is one of the best sequences First partwhere is everyone Barbie Hello Ken shows performance in one gigantic choreography. This allowed her to identify with the protagonist’s thought and express it fully. She is delighted that the hit has taken on a nature of its own, capable of embodying the sensations experienced by the legendary Mattel doll.

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