“Don’t let anyone think shoes run alone”

CLet’s start ‘Taking care of runners“This book comes via literature recommendation”Feet on asphalt.The Story of King of Pop Ramiro Matamoros“,written in Izil Matamoros the story Ramiro Matamoros One of the most popular runners in Spain, if not the best, which explains how the training group project for women with breast cancer was started, pink run. Just like every week, Cesc de Bode He recommended Kern Pharma’s Finisher range of products to improve our sports performance.beside Juan Carlos Higuero and Thomas Campos We review the latest news from professional athletics and talk to athletes Carlos Mayo On his experience with new sneakers Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 is revolutionizing the world of sports.When it comes to the revolution in exercise equipment, we talk to our coaches Frank Benito He gave us some tips for improving your training with Prenel tights from Spanish brand Ferry’s, which are designed to improve performance.

Debut of “Fantastic” Sneakers

athlete Carlos Mayo It will make its debut at the Valencia Marathon on December 3. To do this, he is training hard, but in his hands, or rather, on his feet, he will have a tool that will be crucial to achieving the goal he seeks: running at the Paris Olympics Marathon minimum. “I had the opportunity to try on this pair of shoes while filming the global ad for the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1, and my first impression was that it was a very light shoe.”

adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1/Photo: Andrés Entero

Before we ask him, Carlos Mayo would like to refer to the The durability of this shoe. “Some say this is a shoe meant for a single race and they will be used and thrown away, but the truth is we still don’t know. In fact, I would go for a run based on the recommendations of the brand and those people. Half of October 22nd Both Cheng Marathon and December 3rd Marathon participated in the creation of this shoe.”

For Carlos Mayo, the feel is much more comfortable than other shoes, and he also explained to us that it can help popular runners, too. “Anyone who can run under 6 minutes per kilometer can Experience better progress than elite athletes Because elite athletes already have really good running styles, but popular athletes have more deficiencies, and that shoe can make them run better. Now, given the high price, it’s probably not worth losing a few seconds to a popular player, as it is to me, because to me those seconds could mean the bare minimum for the Olympics . ”

Carlos Mayo attends the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 launch conference/Photo: Andrés Entero

Carlos Mayo will run the Valencia Half Marathon on October 22 as a test for the main marathon in Valencia on December 3. “So that no one will think that the shoes are running alone. I’m training like never before. Focus on the goal of achieving the Olympic minimum standard (2.08’10”). It seems that they dare to talk about these brands in their debut But we’re in the Olympic season and I can’t set another goal, though I have a lot of respect for him from a distance and I know he would put me in my place.“I prefer to be ambitious.”

About this question Juan Carlos Higuero In it I presented a hypothetical scenario in which his Olympic minimum was the 10,000m and for the marathon, Carlos Mayo would rather not think beyond December 3rd. “But if I found myself in that position, I would still run a marathon.”

From the mountain to the slope

The second Friday of the month is Friday training exist ‘Taking care of runners“That’s why we asked coach Franck Benito to give popular runners advice on how to improve their performance. Frank Benito Is the creator of Prenel (stretch performance enhancer) tights produced by the Spanish brand Ferry’s. These leggings are revolutionizing the running world, and although there are no big multinational machines, word of mouth and the good results achieved by popular and elite runners who use them are spreading the use of ready-to-wear clothing.edge technology Made in Spainthis is not only Improve training performance and prevent injuries But it provides a sense of well-being to those who spend a lot of time sitting or standing at work, so They are also great for everyday life.

Coach Franc Beneyto gives us his advice in “Cuídate Runner”

In the audience’s question, Franc Beneyto answered Juan José Costa’s question. Juan José Costa was a mountain runner who wanted to know if it would be appropriate to train on paved roads and tracks in addition to training in the mountains.

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