Drake and Charlamagne-Tha God trade barbs during “Slime You Out”

Drake and Charlamagne-Tha God trade barbs during “Slime You Out”

Drake and Charlemagne God reignited their long-standing differences as the latter took a swipe at Drizzy’s latest blow. Slime you with the participation of SZA.

Conversation with Andrew Schultz Brilliant idiots podcast, the radio host drew the Grammy winner’s ire by declaring that “nobody cares” about his new song.

“What scares me – and it’s not a fear, because Drake will be fine – Drake released the song last Friday and… no one cared. Drake and SZA’s record,” the 45-year-old added.

Despite pushback from the production team over his heated response, the Charleston native remained adamant, saying, “It came out last Friday and people just started talking about the lyrics yesterday. Because I’ve seen people write about him saying something like, “You were whipped and chained like an (American) slave.”

Following the harsh criticism, the Canadian rap star fired up all guns blazing as he shared his response on Instagram Stories, posting his 2022 Verywell Mind photo shoot, calling him an “unconventional Morris Chestnut.”

Otherwise OneDance The hitmaker scolded him: “Are you okay Lenard?? You’re confusing me, g. Like you’ve been really obsessed with me or something for years, like you look in the mirror and want to see my reflection, like ****,” adding, “Whatever you do to let it out , I’m sure your 435 loyal fans will support you, you fucking moron.

Meanwhile, looking back, Charlamagne has often criticized Drake, criticizing his 2020 smash hit. Toozy Slide and Wack.

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