LeBron James aims to replicate Dodgers star Miguel Rojas’ famous microphone antics in one game

LeBron James is always trying new things in the world of basketball and business. The Los Angeles Lakers star recently said he wants to be a part of the latest viral sports clip on social media.

During prime-time games on national television, Major League Baseball (MLB) is offering some extra programming for fans watching at home. Often, they’ll conduct microphone interviews with star players as the game progresses. Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Miguel Rojas is the latest to take part, giving fans a very funny viral video.

During the interview, Rojas caught a ball. He politely excused himself from the announcer so that the play could proceed properly.

LeBron James later shared the video on his Instagram Story and said it was something he wanted to do during a quarter of an NBA game.

This is awesome (fire emoji). Might have to add that to about a quarter of the way through one of my games this year,” James wrote.

Has LeBron James had any funny mic moments?

While LeBron James may have never been surrounded by microphones in this way, he’s still had some fun moments over the years. Cameras and microphones are everywhere, and NBA players’ voices are always being picked up during games.

The first time LeBron was caught on a microphone was during the 2003 draft. That night, he became part of one of the most historic classes in league history. As they sat at the table, LeBron joked with Carmelo Anthony because Anthony was closer to the stage than he was. The future Hall of Fame forward shot back that it was for “ease of access.”

Another interesting incident occurred with the “Redemption Team” during the 2008 Olympics. To get Kobe Bryant to perform well, LeBron started doing player introductions like an announcer during morning warmups. When he reached Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers legend couldn’t help but laugh.

In addition to his hilarious missteps, LeBron also had some sentimental moments that were caught on the microphone. One of them was playing in the All-Star Game with Kevin Durant. This is the first time Durant has been nominated, and LeBron also congratulated him. He also let it be known that he was a big fan of his game.

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Seeing the success MLB has had, microphone impersonations of NBA players could also make for interesting moments. Only time will tell if LeBron can get his wish in this year’s game.

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