DT from Sevilla assure they will be ‘brave and fearless’ against Man City

the team’s coach Seville, Jose Luis MendilibarOn Tuesday, they “believe” on Wednesday they will be “bold and courageous” against the potential of Manchester City, the current champions Champions Leaguethe UEFA Super Cup will be held at the Georges Kareskakis Stadium in Piraeus, Greece.

he Biscay TechnicianHe told a news conference at the match ahead of official training that they approached the appointment with “the same mind” as the squad because “you can’t change the way you play in three games”.have the best days EuropeThis can be very disturbing. There is an identity as a team and you have to maintain it on the field. “

Asked about everything surrounding the game, including the dates when the transfer window remains open and the squad is still in formation, the Sevilla coach admitted that “everything is half done” but the idea is “together with the previous ones”. The season is the same”, and the final eleven games “will not change much from these games and the final” european league Before Rome.

“The question – open period sign the contract– It’s not ours, but one of the organizers. We don’t know anyone who has started and there could be a transfer in four weeks. I don’t understand that those who organize these things can’t make the players who are on the court today be able to join the opposing team tomorrow,” he lamented.

He added that footballers could be distracted by this and that “the most exciting thing for them is this final, not the contracts they might get”, citing the high casualties that clubs would expect. manchester city And stressed that it was “interesting” that they talked about it because “they spent over five hundred ‘kilograms’ on defense and goals alone.

ask whether to sign Sergio RamosReluctant to answer directly, but pointed out that they currently have two casualties in that central position – Frenchman Nianzu and Brazilian Marcao – and don’t know if there will be long-term casualties.

“We have to think about the position, but like everyone else, you — journalists — will talk about whether Bono or Marcos (Acuna) leave, and if they leave, someone else has to come,” he said. mendilibarCommenting on Brazil midfielder Fernando Rejs’ late absence, he commented that “even if he ends up going, he won’t be able to play” due to gastroenteritis.

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