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Burt Lancaster The Unforgettable Prince

Paradise 1 – 21.25
Luchino Visconti’s masterpiece based on the novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa turns sixty, and every time you look at it you discover something new. A vision of a world about to disappear and another poised to take over, through the eyes of Prince Salinsky (Burt Lancaster). Cast Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale, Paolo Stoppa, Rina Morelli, Romolo Valli.

Horse Whisperer
Network 4 – 21.20
Robert Redford could whisper anything. In this feuilleton, she cares for injured horses: Kristin Scott Thomas, a New York City careerist whose daughter (Scarlett Johansson) suffered a horrific accident and had a leg amputated, to carry a doomed horse to Montana. The animal recovers, she falls in love. Starring Sam Neill, Dianne Wiest.

love each other a little
5 – 21.10
How sweet was the mechanic Claudio Amendola, who in Carlo Vanzina’s tale falls (mutually) in love with Princess Tanya Welch. He lives in a dream house in the center of Rome, but pretends to live in the suburbs until he confesses the truth. He knows her parents, Virna Lisi and Riccardo Garrone. Social differences separate them, they diverge, but when he finds out that the girl is getting married in Paris, he goes crazy.

FFSS.. So what did you take me to do above Posillipo if you don’t love me anymore?
Paradise 3 – 21:15
The Renzo Arbore film opens with a dialogue between the showman and Luciano De Crescenzo, who, after the scandal with Papocchio, must find a script for a new project. It would take the miracle of San Gennaro instead of rainy sheets, according to the scenario of the new film by Federico Fellini, who flew in from the master’s house. Maurizio Costanzo, Raffaella Carra, Pippo Baudo as themselves.

TV Guide Tonight August 15, 2023: First and Second Evening

Paradise 1
21.25 GATTOPARD Directed by Luchino Visconti with Burt Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale, Alain Delon, France/Italy, 1962, drama. In 1860, Garibaldi lands in Sicily, causing inevitable changes. Prince Fabrizio Salina moves into a country residence with his nephew Tancredi, who falls in love with Angelica.

Paradise 2
21.00 9 CALIBER Directed by Tony D’Angelo with Marco Bocci, Michele Placido, Alessio Boni, Italy 2020, Crime. The prime suspect in the computer scam is a client of Fernando Piazza, a Milanese lawyer and son of Hugo, a notorious criminal who was murdered years earlier.
22:45 star bar Hosted by Stefano De Martino (Cue)
23:45 Last track: Berlin Dangerous ambitions. Hans-Werner Meyer, Jasmine Tabatabay, Suzanne Bormann

Paradise 3
19.50 ITALY – ROMANIA European Women’s Championship. In the first match of the European Women’s Volleyball Championship at the Verona Arena stadium, Italy’s Davide Mazzanti team will meet with Romania.
22.00 FFSS, I mean… what did you make me do above Posillipo if you don’t love me anymore? Directed by Renzo Arbore. With Renzo Arbore, Pietra Montecorvino, Roberto Benigni (comedy, 1983)
23:55 TG 3 Evening

Network 4
21.20 EAST NEW YORK A lifer who manages to escape from the prison he’s being held in, the team must track down the fugitive before he can find the cop who locked him up: Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood.
22.20 East New York Courthouse on the street. TV show
23.20 48 hours Directed by Walter Hill. With Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, James Remar (Detective, 1982)

Channel 5
21.20 HORSE CHASTER Directed by Robert Redford with Robert Redford, Scarlett Johansson, USA 1998, Drama. A fourteen-year-old teenager falls from a horse and receives deep physical and psychological wounds. Mother turns to the “whisperer”, a specialist in the care of horses.
Inside: 22:15 Tgcom;

Italy 1
21.15 HYENAS PRESENT: INSIDE In response, special editions of Le Iene. In the foreground are old and new news that have captivated the public, where there are still many aspects to be discovered and explored.

21.15 LITTLE NICOLAS AND HIS PARENTS Directed by Laurent Tirard with Maxime Godard, Valerie Lemercier, Belgium/France, 2009, comedy. The life of little Nicolas flows happily until his mother announces that she will soon have a little brother. It would be a real disaster for his life!
23.15 Little Nicolas’ holidays Directed by Laurent Tirard. With Valerie Lemercier, Mateo Boisselier, Luca Zingaretti (comedy, 2014)

Heavenly Programming Tonight, August 15, 2023

Sky One
May 20 Alessandro Borghese 4 summer restaurants
21.15 dream for rent (v. 4 eps. 5, 4)
23.25 dream for rent (v. 4 ep. 5)

sky atlantic
21.15 Souls – All the lives you remember
23.00 Euphoria

Sky Cinema One
21.15 Through friendship. Alessandro Siani, with Alessandro Siani
22:55 Don’t worry dear

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