Weird Book Presents “John Carpenter, Legend”

John Carpenter – Legend – the world’s first book magazine dedicated to the figure of one of the greatest American directors.

A revolutionary project capable of combining book and magazine: a hybrid that combines interviews with the typical views of non-fiction, collecting the main elements of the personal and artistic life of a cult figure, multifaceted and master of his genre.

John Carpenter’s almost surgical precision in depicting society, in representing what lies behind the darkness within each of us, has consecrated him as the progenitor of a way of thinking and making cinema that is unparalleled. After all, if it is true that there are people who can stand out from others, then there are those who, like Carpenter, were born to become a legend …

John Carpenter – Legend it is, after all, and above all an act of love, the desire to collect as much as possible to give a complete picture of an outstanding artist and pay tribute to an author who still resounds in the collective imagination with his visionary stories.

The first volume of the Book-Magazine will be available from June 20 in all comic book stores and bookstores in a deluxe edition on glossy paper in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

Project curator Luigi Boccia, Jade Cecchinelli AND Luca Borri.

Contributors: Giovanni Toro, Marco Santeusanio, Roberto Lasagna, Edoardo Rosati, Massimo Moscati, Mario Galeotti, Fabio Zanello, Giovanni Ascolani.

Cover by Giorgio Finamor.

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