Dwayne Johnson’s return to WWE is a triumph

The Rock made a sensational return to wrestling after a four-year hiatus: the crowd went crazy, it was a triumph.

Rock he unexpectedly returned to wrestling after a four-year absence, and it was a triumph. Dwayne Johnson announced his retirement from professional wrestling in 2019: On October 4 of that year, he made his final television appearance for the occasion. Collapse. And right on the same show as WWEstaged during the Italian night, The 51-year-old legendary fighter and actor made a sensational return to the ring, sending the arena crowd into a frenzy and sending television ratings soaring..

Episode of Smackdown that took place on Denver in Colorado – began with Pat McAfee speaking to the audience, which was later interrupted Austin Theory, who told him they had unfinished business. As things grew tense between them, notes “If you smell…” or the iconic song accompanying the release of The Rock. At that moment, everyone realized what was about to happen, and the audience exploded, as if faced with the appearance of a demigod.

But that’s not the end of it, because it wasn’t a cameo or anything outside the ring: Johnson was there to fight. Theory tried to counteract the incredibly charismatic influence of his favorite wrestler, but it took a little time for The Rock to sit all the spectators present on his shoulders, establishing with them the empathetic contact that has always been characteristic of him. He first made the crowd sing insulting chants at Theory (“asshole”), and then said he would kick him across Denver in three seconds.

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While he was counting down, his opponent started hitting him and that was the start of the fight. won to the jubilation of the crowd by The Great One with two of his classic moves: the “spinebuster” followed by the “people’s elbow”..

After his knockout over Austin Theory, The Rock also later appeared backstage with John Cenawho simply said: “Welcome home!“. We’ll find out whether this was a sporadic appearance or a prelude to a steady reintroduction to the WWE roster in the coming months.

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