Elvis, Sinatra and the Rolling Stones: everyone is crazy about Las Vegas casinos

The wild rock and roll of Elvis, the intimate blues of the Rolling Stones, along with the voice of Sinatra, are just broader brackets, enclosing little masterpieces literally related to betting and the casino world, not only that, some songs were just written for fun, in continuous semantic task that connects words and notes.

Turn on the stereo and turn the volume up as we embark on a journey through music, casinos and fun nights: here are 4 songs inspired by the Las Vegas myth.

Viva Las Vegas: The Musical Casino Icon Designed by Elvis

It is no coincidence that several sites online casino

offer an Elvis-themed slot machine, because the king of rock ‘n’ roll lived in a very close relationship with Las Vegas, so much so that he performed one of the most famous songs, if not the most famous, dedicated to the desert-immersed entertainment capital of Nevada.

From 1969 to 1976, Elvis Presley played 636 sold-out shows in Las Vegas. No one better than him could tell the myth of Las Vegas in those years when the city was gaining popularity around the world. The song Viva Las Vegas was written by Mort Schuman and Doc Pomus, only later performed by Elvis.

Good luck be a lady, Frank Sinatra

In the first-ever film dedicated to the world of casinos in Las Vegas, Frank Sinatra, along with Dean Martin, plays the main character. We are talking about Ocean’s 11 of 1960, translated in Italy under the name Colpo Grosso.

As early as 1950, The Voice spawned one of his most famous songs, “Luck be a Lady”, which told Las Vegas life through the metaphor of luck, described as a beautiful blindfolded goddess.

Casino Rolling Stones Boogie

The youngest octogenarian of all time, Mick Jagger, certainly remembers that distant day in the early seventies when he and the other Stones decided to play roulette

semantics, making the ball of randomness spin among the words written randomly and then scattered on the table.

The result was a real musical bet, Casino Boogie, a 1972 piece inspired by the random number generator that the greatest rock band of all time translates into words.

Katy Perry talks about crazy Vegas nights in ‘Wake in Vegas’

This song is more current and is featured on the One of the Boys album released in 2008. Kate Perry is inspired by the “classic” evening in Las Vegas, between tourists on vacation and people having crazy nights in the capital. a game.

“Waking Up in Vegas” is about waking up after a wild night in a casino and nightclub, the protagonist, still in a daze, tries to reconstruct pieces of history, trying to remember to understand what really happened. The chorus ironically invites the singer to complain less and come to terms with the consequences of her actions.

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