Eyebrows: the strong trends of 2023

mai underestimate the power of eyebrows! So why not dare and choose from the hottest trends of the moment? For example, make them invisible by deleting them. Or underline them shamelessly. Or again…

A detail that alone enhances the whole face: thin, thick, disheveled or hyper-groomed, the eyebrows play with trends. The most iconic and copied ever are those of Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor, thick but well designed then returned in the 80s (see Madonna and Brooke Shields) but with a more sauvage effect. Now the most copied are those of Cara Delevingne, bushy and natural. But they also really like outlined and elongated upwards, as Bella Hadid wears. Do you want to discover the new strong trends of the season? Here are the eyebrows everyone is talking about, which are all the rage on social networks and catwalks.

Eyebrows bold

They are bold, bushy and highly visible, just like those of Cara Delevingne, who has made it her distinctive feature without ever giving in to the tweezers, and Chiara Ferragni. To highlight them you need the right product, and that is one of those volumizing texture pencils. These are innovative formulas that combine powder and special microfibers that immediately make the arch fuller and thicker. For the look to be natural, however, pay attention to the choice of nuance: it shouldn’t be too intense, at most one tone darker than your natural eyebrows.

Bleached eyebrows

The goal is to make them invisible, to cancel them, and it is the latest craze that reaches us from celebs, first of all Levante who presented in Sanremo with copper blonde hair and “bleached” eyebrows. A strong trend also in the runway, launched on the catwalks of Givenchy and Dries Van Noten. Before following the trend, think about it: you will have to resort to bleaching using a oxygen kit therefore, if you change your mind, before returning to your natural color you will have to wait for the entire hair regrowth cycle which takes about 4 months. Or, alternatively, dye them every two weeks.

Fluffy eyebrows

In English, it means fluffy, with a feathered effect and it is the other strong trend that is going crazy on social networks. You get brushing the eyebrows upwards so as to make the arc soft and undefined. It is also essential to use a transparent wax with a flexible texture in order to fix the hairs which, otherwise, would return to their natural position. The thicker the eyebrows, the greater the feather effect. A piece of advice: if you see some areas that are a bit empty, intervene with a pencil, always drawing the line upwards.

If they are too rebellious

Thick, shaggy and always messy? The way to salvation is there lamination. It is one of the most requested treatments in brow bars because it makes the eyebrows well disciplined. Lamination is sort of styling, which changes the direction of the hair by combing it and fixing it upwards. During the session, which lasts about 40 minutes, keratin-based mixes and other nourishing ingredients are applied, which leave the hair super shiny. Final step, coloring: and you’re sure eyebrows wow!

Eyebrow products to try

From the classic pencils to the special “eyebrow mascara”, all the products suggested for drawing, thickening or dyeing. Including ointments and fixing waxes.

Eye Brow Bold & Color by Debby (5.70 euros) intensifies the color of the eyebrows and makes them more full-bodied.

Thanks to its angled tip, the pencil Wow What a Brow Pen by Essence (3.59 euros) fills in any empty spaces with precision.

Soft texture, easy to blend for Miss Broadway’s Style Eyebrow (6.20 euros).

The Collistar 3 in 1 Eyebrow Gel (21.50 euros with the Eyebrow Pencil) fixes, thickens and defines in a single step.

No continuous tweaks with 24 Hours Brow Tint by Deborah Milano (16 euros), a waterproof and no transfer color to darken and
hide any hairs

Brow Fix Soap Stylist by Catrice (4.99 euros)
it is a transparent wax ideal for creating fluffy effects and shaping the eyebrows.

Benefit’s Fluff Up Brow Wax formula
(29.90 euros), with jojoba and argan seed oils and shea butter, it also has a healing action that makes the eyelashes flexible and easy to style.

To fill and redraw the arch in a professional way there is Eyebrow Delineator
in Cream by Diego Dalla Palma
(21.90 euros),
a soft but non-greasy texture, rich in pigments and long-lasting.

24H Power Stay by Avon (€12.99) is a pomade that enhances colour, disciplines and fixes the eyebrows.

Skinny brows

Sometimes they come back. It was the 90s when spinzetta was exaggerated: the skinny browsthe ultra thin eyebrows a la Kate Moss. Which today, relaunched by celebs and influencers, are experiencing a new moment of glory. Are you tempted too? Never as in this case is it better to rely on expert hands. Because it is one thing to remove some messy hair, another is to understand how much and where exactly to shave to create a harmonious shape. A piece of advice: before the exchange, to see if you like it, try one of the filters that are all the rage on TikTok and simulate bows in perfect 90s style. Find them with the hashtag #thineyebrows and #90eyebrows.

Foxy effect brows

After the cat eye, comes the fox look. Which Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner like and consists of giving the eyebrows una line
slightly straighter
, shortening the final part and then redrawing it with the pencil upwards. Basically you have to remove the external queue
with the tweezers, tearing in the correct way, i.e. always in the direction
of the hair, in order not to risk that it grows back messy and matted. Remember,
do not underestimate the foxy: look up that is a marvel.

If they are non-existent

You’ve torn too much, don’t they grow anymore? There is a long-lasting solution. Is called tattoo. It is possible to draw indelibly (or almost) the eyebrows. Today the dermograph is used, a sort of pen similar to the one for tattoos, but more delicate. Equipped with very thin needles, it allows you to draw, painlessly and with natural results, micro hairs to fill in the “holes” and add three-dimensionality. Unlike tattooing, this technique is not permanent, lasting about 8-12 months.

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