Rihanna and the ironic post dedicated to her son: “Your brother will go to the Oscars”

She will be one of the protagonists of the Oscars 2023but not everyone is happy with the presence of Rihanna at the 95th Academy Awards. Who will be disappointed? Your child who won’t be with you at the ceremony but he’ll have to watch mom on tv. It was the star herself who reported it with a very tender video post shared on Instagram in which there is no lack of reference to the new baby arriving in the family.

Pouting, disappointment and a frown: this is how the pop star’s eldest son born of love with Asap Rocky ten months ago appears. Rihanna posted new images of her baby on Instagram, sharing with followers the news that her baby won’t be with her at the ceremony on March 12. «My son when he found out that his brother is going to the Oscars, not him» wrote the music star.

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The reference is to Rihanna’s new sweet expectation. During the half time of the Super Bowl in which she was the protagonist last February, in fact, Rihanna appeared on stage with a big belly that leaves no doubt: she is pregnant again. Soon, therefore, another child will arrive in the family. And he will be with his mother at the Oscars, but not his older brother. Which, apparently, reacted with a scene of jealousy.

As with her first pregnancy, Riri is also very private about her second pregnancy. In fact, in the caption of the post, you used the term neutral sibling to indicate a baby in both masculine and feminine terms. A way to do not reveal the gender of the second child piquing the curiosity of his 145 million followers.

What is certain, however, is the star’s performance at the Oscars, for which there is great anticipation. Rihanna will perform the song Lift me upsoundtrack by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, with which she is nominated in the best song category. This is Riri’s first time at the Oscars. And she will have to deal with Lady Gagacompeting with Hold my handexcerpt from Top Gun: Maverick. Among the other tracks in the race, there are also This is a lifesoundtrack by Everything Everywhere all at once, Applausesoundtrack by Tell it like a woman And Naatu Naatu by RRR.

Not an easy competition for Rihanna to beat, returned to the music scene after six years: his latest song, Anti, it dates back to 2016. Since then, however, many things have changed. And today the Caribbean artist can count on the support of two special fans: her eldest son, who will be rooting for her from home, and the baby on the way who will be with her at the 2023 Oscars, inside her belly.

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