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Stranger Things 5 ​​– Eleven

Bad news arrives directly from the great and beloved protagonist, the confirmation that we will not see him in the next season of Stranger Things.

Despite huge fan demand for the beloved character to return to the series, it was the actor himself who delivered a very comprehensive answer and which practically completely excludes his return in the last season of Stranger Things, of course we are talking about Joseph Quinn arrived in the fourth season of the hit series, playing the role of the controversial Eddie Munson, leader of Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons Hellfire Club group.

Since his entrance, his role has been loved by the public, precisely for the masterful interpretation of a young outcast considered by all to be a murderer cold-blooded because of her looks and style, after the cheerleading captain Chrissy Cunningham was found butchered by Vecna in his home.

Eddie’s journey was short but intense going from coward to hero by sacrificing himself in the upside down in such a way as to allow to his new friend Dustin to be able to escape from that nightmare they were in on a mission. We hoped until the end that Eddie would be able to save himself, but everything suggested that his death was definitive and the season finale paid homage to his memory in a touching scene.

Joseph Quinn’s words about Eddie

By now the start of production on the last season of Stanger Things is upon us and right during Comic-Con in London the actor paid a visit to fans to talk about the fourth season, obviously in addition to the enthusiasm of the moment, the public has not failed to give him the fateful command, or rather that his character Eddie would return. Sadly Quinn’s curt response was a blow and didn’t leave much hope, stating that he would love to return but sees it unlikely.

The same said, “I mean, filming is now imminent! I don’t think so… I would love to go back but… I’m dead. So I assume it’s pretty unlikely. I have to tell you honestly.”. A hard blow for everyone those who kept hoping for a little spoiler of hope, it sure looks like his character won’t be there, but never say never, maybe it’s a nice misdirection.

Stranger Things 5 ​​Eddie

It’s best if Eddie doesn’t come back to Stranger Things

Given the series of terrible murders of supporting characters that occurred in the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things, Eddie already looked doomedmoreover, if he had returned from the upside down he would have been in serious difficulty in being able to find a justification that would exonerate him from the murder charge, despite everything, his death broke many hearts, above all for the strong bond of esteem and deep friendship that was established with Dustin, this has led the audience to want to see him again in the next season.

Subsequently, many valid theories came out that could justify Eddie’s return, but it has been a long time since the actors, trying to discourage the hopes of the public, Maya Hawke herself said that actually fans might even get bored if the seemingly dead characters start coming back, even from behind the cameras they said unfavorably, the same producer, Shawn Levy put it bluntly saying that although both he and the team were early fans of Eddie, they found his return unlikely.

Stranger Things 5 ​​Eddie

The truth is that the reappearance of this character would damage both the series and himthe same protagonist Millie Bobby Brown she was very critical of Stranger Things stating that in her opinion not enough main characters have died over the seasons, the creators have responded directly to this criticism, aka the Duffer brothers, joking that they weren’t making Game of Thrones, so they didn’t kill everyone at will. However, a survey found that the public agrees with Brown, preferring a few more twists, perhaps with the real death of Hopper in the third season and that of Max in the fourth.

Who knows if in the fifth season the Duffers will listen to the public or will continue to do their own thing holding up their principles, as they have hitherto done, we just have to wait, in the meantime we know that filming will begin in June.

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