Filming of F1 canceled

During the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, a film crew was expected to be filming the Formula 1 film already present at Silverstone and Hungary: however, filming at Spa-Francorchamps was canceled at the last minute. canceled at the special request of Brad Pitt.

In the paddock of Spa-Francorchamps at the weekend Belgian Grand Prixas it was at the last two GPs Formula One World Championship 2023era expected attendance of what is now considered the 11th team in the draw, namelyapksgpstar stable f1 movie who sees actors as protagonists as pilots Brad Pitt and Damson Idris, directed by Joseph Kosinski.

WithHowever, contrary to expectations, the film crew did not show up at the Belgian circuit.: no pit lane and pit lane wall, no single cars on the track between F1 sessions and no players on the grid before the start of official sessions. AND the absence did not go unnoticed.

In fact, this became known only after the start of the racing weekend. Filming scheduled for the 2023 Formula One Belgian Grand Prix has been canceled at the direct request of Brad Pitt.. This is not about the final cessation of production of a Formula 1 movie, not about an afterthought by a Hollywood star after testing very fast single-seat cars on the track at Silverstone, but about something that will cause a delay in the full implementation.

At the end of the Silverstone Grand Prix group, a new car appears: it is Brad Pitt’s car.

american star in fact, he would ask the production to change the filming schedule of the Formula 1 movie and move everything already scheduled to the next two months. His request will come in solidarity and support to fellow Hollywood workers involved in the largest strike in the American film industry in history I join the authors and screenwriters who started this protest.

It is not yet clear when filming for Apex (the title of the film set in Apple’s Formula 1) will resume and therefore when the film will be completed. According to The next 2023 F1 World Championship Grand Prix scheduled to film again is the Las Vegas Grand Prix. scheduled for the weekend of November 19, only then will we be able to understand if the cancellation of the Belgian Grand Prix was an isolated incident or if the production of the film was suspended.

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