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Gigi Hadid enchants every time with its appearance. And this is a fact. But there’s something that always leaves us breathless (perhaps) more than her outfits: her hair. From the very beginning of her career to her most recent appearances (did you see her absolutely spectacular, with her Hollywood vapor waves on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival?), the American supermodel captivated us with her beauty. California girl.

Gigi Hadid at Cannes 2023. Photo by Getty

Stefan Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

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Gigi Hadid hair color evolution

If Virna Lisi could say what she wanted with her smile (in the legendary place that launched her), Gigi Hadid He can do whatever he wants with his hair. natural blonde and a blonde hair ambassador since her 2014 New York Fashion Week debut on the Desigual runway. interesting chromatic evolution, in light colors of gold and platinum. But not only.

If she tried them all as a blonde (nuances, from wheaten to icy), then she did not disdain to experiment with the entire chromatic spectrum on her head: from bronze (a favorite combination of blonde and brown on her head, tested in 2017) to brown, from brunette to copper AND Red tree. For Vogue Netherlands recently we even saw it in a version jet black. Also known for dark roots, dark roots on a very light base. Of course, and it goes without saying, she looks amazing no matter what shade of rainbow she chooses, than even a Barbie.

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