Haircut trends fall-winter 2023: what to inspire?

A little less than a month before the start of autumn, the rules to follow regarding trends haircuts Autumn winter already predetermined: maxi volumes, rich textures and flashy accessories. An 80s mullet in its curly version or an A-shape bob are just some of the looks worth trying out; as well as soft styling for long hair, inspired by supermodels of the 90s, and transparent Korean-made bangs that lighten the look.

haircut trends autumn-winter 2023 |  Life&People magazine

Helmet transforms: Soft curved or A-shaped.

Bob remains the most popular choice. While the classic bob looks great on many, it’s easy to flip this look to make it more distinctive, changing the end effect. This is a case of a soft curved bob or soft bob: characterized by a modular length and a soft pleat with slightly curled-in tips, this cut is capable of imparting an irresistible vintage charm. The soft bob, a favorite of Kim Kardashian, and also of Zendaya in its shorter version, retains the advantage of allowing you to tie your hair as needed. Instead, the A-line cut emphasizes the neck in all its elegance; uneven scaling along the length gives movement and volume, creating a layered effect that optically lengthens the figure.

haircut trends autumn-winter 2023 |  Life&People magazine

Mullet from the 80s

Unusual, striking, and certainly not for everyone, the mullet has won the most beloved “alternative” scepter cut of the year.
Made iconic and almost alien by David Bowie, he then saw a more stereotypical evolution, becoming a real tough guy like Hulk Hogan, who made it his calling card throughout his wrestling career. Today, the mullet is back in its place, acquiring new lines and more modern geometry. The curly version is actually the most popular: volume and well-defined curls are the main characteristics of this haircut, which, thanks to its genderless prerogative, suits both men and women.

haircut trends autumn-winter 2023 |  Life&People magazine

light fringe

Loved or hated, bangs can always be transformed without much effort. If at the beginning of the year there was a rich fringe in the trend, then for autumn-winter the key word is thinning. In fact, he is from Asia. see through the explosion light and thinning bangs that characterize most of the protagonists of Korean dramas, Korean-made series whose population is declining around the world. Designed for those with very straight hair, the blonde bangs soften the face without weighing down the eyes. On the other hand, bangs or “curtain” fringes remain the most comfortable choice. Sexy and easy to care for, it’s also easy to style. In fact, a round brush and blow dryer are enough to create a soft and sensual wave effect that can be combined on all face types.

haircut trends autumn-winter 2023 |  Life&People magazine

Bombshell long hair

A haircut with the effect of a supermodel of the 90s is inevitable. Long and slightly scaly hair along the length immediately resembles the fashion shows of the 90s. Today is the standard bearer of thisor hair trends Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel is a South African supermodel who has appeared in dozens of ad campaigns. The long cut with mid-length layers, the long cut with a light and full pleat remains a recognized and prized symbol of femininity.

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Long but not trivial, this hairstyle is a compromise for those who like to wear medium length hair without weighing down the face. With clear multi-level scalingthe silence is broken can be done with or without bangs. Singer Billie Eilish for example, she wears it with light and slightly open bangs on her forehead. A hidden haircut requires careful advice from your hairdresser, who must understand how much volume it can give to our face. Once the focal points between the chin and cheekbones are defined, we move on to creating additional scales at the height of the points of the face that we want to highlight.

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Even accessories will play a fundamental role in decorating the hairstyle and creating the hairstyle. Green light for velvet bows, ribbons and headbands, especially dark shades and colors such as black, violet, forest green and anthracite grey. Headbands and ribbons will not only decorate any hairstyle, but also help to tame annoying children’s hair, adding a twist to your style. To change the image at the beginning of the autumn season, the main thing is to show courage, always relying on personal taste and inspiration.

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