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The right side of the lower part of the shield is decorated with an oak branch. Since ancient Greek times, the oak branch has symbolized the power of being and has appeared on the national flag since 1824. Perhaps it is for this reason that environmentalist Carlos Jesus Obsession with Oak Trees by Gomez Flores.

They are descended from ancestors who lived tens of millions of years ago and are still standing today. Mexico is the country with the richest species of oak trees in the world, many of which are threatened, 37% of the oak trees are produced in my country,

As we realize that a third of the world’s wild trees are on the verge of extinction, we’re delighted to find oak lovers like Oak

Carlos Gomez, former president of the National Association of Chroniclers of Communities and Cities (AC) in Mexico, former chronicler of the Pueblo Mágico of Bustamante, the Netherlands, and current president of the Mexican Association of 132 Magical Towns Dr. Carlos Gómez Flores.

Quercus represents one of the widespread and ecologically important groups of fertilized flora in the ecosystems that belong to our planet. Mexico is the first center of oak species diversity. It is mainly distributed in the humid temperate zone of the country. There are about 107 endemic tree species. More than 500 oak species have been discovered in the world, of which 160 are found. In Mexico, Oaxaca is the state with the highest number of species (48), followed by Nuevo Leon (47), Jalisco (45), Chihuahua (40) and Veracruz ( 38). The genus is divided into three divisions, the white oak (Quercus), the red oak (Lobatae), and the medium or golden crown oak (Protobalanus). In the shade of oak trees, we will find variability in seed production in the soil, with about 1% of individuals producing seeds that can be used for forest regeneration. Although some oaks are sensitive to disturbance, this is offset by high acorn production, which suppresses understory competitors, or the ability to germinate and develop a good root system in soils with low humidity and high temperatures. There are many publications related to the study of oak trees, although there are few scientific publications in the Mexican republic, but oak trees are not only used to obtain wood or firewood, they are also used to treat some diseases, using oak trees to cure and cure them using their secretion leaves, seeds, flowers, fruit, bark, roots, latex or sap. The oak tree, or oak tree, is used to treat more than 30 ailments, including toothache, gastritis, diabetes and inflammation. The parts used to prepare the medicine are the bark, leaves, flowers and roots.

Our visitors admired the specimens we planted in the theme park of Senderito del Bosque de Niebla, took enthusiastic walks and commented that although it is called Quercus Germana, it is a tree endemic to our region, I say Quercus insignis or Chicalaba acorn is World’s largest acorn. Endangered species in the world, he is also fascinated by Meliosma Alba or Palo Blanco and Fraxinus uhdei or Mexican wild ash (Fraxinus uhdei), a flowering tree plant according to his According to the theory, Quercus Xalapensis should be the symbol of Harappa, not the araucaria tree of South America.

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