Harry Styles speaks Italian and guess the pun is driving us all crazy

The Harry Styles concert was this weekend’s event and, we don’t wish for other artists, it will probably also be 2023’s event because The singer has chosen our country for his triumphant finish love on the go In Reggio Emilia, in Campovolo, at the concert organized by Live Nation, there were about 100 thousand people and, as we know, many of them queued for several days to be able to get the seats closest to the stage. Even people who haven’t been there have seen on practically every social network how perfect the concert was. And the real icing on the cake that evening was Harry’s words.

No, don’t immediately think about what he said, but think about how he said it. We loved when he said that Italy is a special place for him with many beautiful memories in his life, that he is determined to put on a great evening and that he is happy to end his tour here with the audience he loves so much. But let’s face it, The meaning faded into the background when, listening to his words, we realized that he was pronouncing them in perfect Italian, simultaneously mastering the “black monster” of our language: the clause. He said, “I want you to enjoy it as much as possible, as if it were the last time.” Indeed, in some videos on TikTok, someone can be heard shouting in the background: “The subjunctive”. We don’t know who that person is, but he has definitely expressed our feelings in the best possible way.

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Harry – we know – is right at home in Italy, because as soon as he has some free time, he escapes here to enjoy some healthy relaxation. On Saturday we learned that, between a glass of wine and a plate of pasta, she found time to take some Italian lessons. And we can’t help but say that they didn’t bow down and, Hearing him speak our language so well, makes us fall in love even more. I propose a series of audiobooks in which Harry reads something entirely in Italian. I am ready to spend the whole day like this.

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