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The salon’s beauticians say that there is nothing sexier than highlighting and emphasizing your natural beauty.

Don’t confuse this style with the beach style: here we are talking about the French Riviera, where everything tastes like paradise. So they all avoid the flare effect: chic yes, but with a few touches.

Eyeliner, according to experts, will definitely disappear, not to mention geometry, which will be literally banned from the eye in the coming months.

Focusing on products that are 80% made up of natural ingredients, an idea supported by the Cannes Film Festival is the idea of ​​environmental responsibility. Stand out and get noticed? Great, but withmoisturizing followed by highlighter.

In short, small rules, but fundamental to get a relaxed effect, which is equivalent to the classic two hours of beautiful sleep.

All the most famous guests on the Croisette book more than one appointment in this beauty box, which also takes care of manicure.

Some treatments are exclusive to French salons but are advertised by celebrities such as la Lucibel mask (later found at the Dior Spa Cheval Blanch in Paris) to enhance shine.

What should you always keep in your purse? Straight from Dior Cruise 24 summer palette (Diorshow 5 colors 649 nude dress). And, with a touch of lipstick, the spell officially began.

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