“He’s gay…” – Father-of-five Al Nasr’s bizarre moment as Cristiano Ronaldo is called out by Conor McGregor’s friend Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis, a name that quickly became synonymous with trash talking. Would you be surprised if you were told that this fighter was none other than Conor McGregor’s teammate? Dennis will face YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul on October 14 this year. However, the events leading up to the battle were chaotic and tumultuous.

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First, Denis launched a series of horrific attacks on Paul’s soon-to-be wife, Nina Agdal. This resulted in a lawsuit against the fighter, which could cost him a lot of money. Dennis, however, refused to put the brakes on. The fighter recently appeared on an episode of Flagrant. He decided to unleash the fireball again, and this time, he made an interesting statement about a football superstar.

Dillon Dennis had an interesting meeting with Ronaldo


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Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his football, personality and money. What he wasn’t famous for was his funny way of greeting people. If Dennis is to be believed, that’s what it is. The football legend met Denis and teammate Conor McGregor a few years ago. In a recent FLAGRANT interview with comedian Andrew Schultz and others, Dennis recounted their meeting with a funny anecdote.

“I know it’s a funny story, but I dated Ronaldo once,” Dennis started. “The only thing he does is coy. He likes things which I know, it’s the weirdest thing. I love Ronaldo, he’s the greatest… It’s like he’s like a brother. “He’s just like that. gay, like I didn’t know that was that funny”

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Ronaldo bumped into Denis while the two were in Las Vegas. The footballer was attending Jennifer Lopez’s party at the famous Caesars Palace while Team McGregor was training in the city. This incident happened in 2016, and the three people probably met at that time. Dennis was very candid about the subject, but who knows if he was telling the truth.

The boxer has gradually become notorious for photoshopping images and making statements that may not be true to the truth. Many fans suspected this was just a role play to promote the Paul fight. Either that, or the Irish ways rubbed off on Dennis, who recently became a father. His expression has plunged him into an abyss, what should he do next?


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What’s next for Dillon Dennis?

Denis failed to attend the first court hearing of the Agdal lawsuit. This makes his request for a restraining order effective immediately and the fighter is now banned from interacting with the model. He also can’t share any images or posts about her, mention her name or refer to her in any way if he wants to avoid trouble.

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Agdal, meanwhile, is seeking $150,000 in damages. If Dennis wins this contest, Dennis will be the best man at Logan Paul’s wedding to Agdal. On the other hand, if Paul wins, he will take all of Dillon Dennis’s tournament winnings and keep it for himself. The battle seemed to be a total entertainment show. Especially considering the much more anticipated Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury takes place in the same month.

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