“Hitch” with Will Smith. Cult on Netflix

Movie Hitch – He really understands womenreleased for the first time in Italian cinemas in 2005, directed by Andy Tennant was extended to Netflix and hit the charts, captivating fans, from newcomers to the most nostalgic. WITH Will Smith And Eve Mendez.

outside hitch, on the platform we can find many other cults that marked our childhood and remained forever in the mass consciousness. Among which Dirty Dancing, Girls from Beverly Hills AND hangover nightfamous film director Todd Philips.

Hitch, lto the plot of the movie

Hitch, known by the name Dr. Trailer, he helps men win over the women they are in love with. However, one day he too becomes involved in a relationship that puts him in serious trouble. After falling in love with a girl, his skills as a seasoned conqueror seem to fade. Suddenly, Dr. Trailer seems even more awkward than ever, like a throwback to his past when he was a female weakling.

The story of Hitch, a seasoned womanizer with a passion for love stories, which he loves to give birth to like a modern cupid, has become a cult classic over time. Accomplices of the presence of the fantastic Will Smith in the role of the main character and the lightness of the film, which makes it comfort movie perfect for relaxing a little.

Cast members hitch and trailer

At the head of the cast to interpret the main characters we find Will Smith (who also took on the role of film producer) as hitch AND Eva Mendes How Will, the object of his love. Then they follow Kevin James How Albert Brennaman, Amber Valletta How Jolly Cole, Michael Rapaport How Fine, Adam Arkin How Max Trundle and then Geoffrey Donova, Robin Lee AND Julie Ann Emery. In addition to the translator of the main character, other producers of the film act instead of him. James Lassiter AND Teddy Zee.

Movie trailer:

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