Horoscope for August 8, 2023.

In the horoscope for Tuesday August 8, 2023, the Moon in Taurus, which oscillates between Jupiter and Uranus, speaks of concreteness and activity, albeit with its soft times. This is a great time to restore mental clarity and awareness. The lucky sign is Virgo and the unlucky sign is Scorpio.

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horoscope Tuesday, August 8, 2023, and step-by-step predictions for love, work and luck: that’s what the stars have prepared for us on this day.

In the horoscope for Tuesday, August 8, 2023, Mercury trine Jupiter is great for making plans and projects, as well as coordinating your thoughts in black and white. With the Moon in Taurus close first to Jupiter and then to Uranus, the vivacity of thought is also pragmatic. lucky sign – Virgo while bad sign scorpio.


You should update your wardrobe and only buy Barbie movie inspired items because with Venus in your grace you feel like a real doll. If you don’t know where to get supplies, I’ll immediately warn you that the Zara brand has released a whole series of clothes identical to those worn by Margot Robbie, including a rider, apparently in shocking pink, so as not to walk. unnoticed.

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Love: You feel like the protagonist of a romantic movie.

Job: give accessibility even from under a beach umbrella.

Health: even the bathroom mirror compliments you.

Tip of the day: try the total pink look.

Vote: 7 and a half


Kindness and sincerity are definitely your main characteristics, which the Moon has in your sign. In fact, you have given no room for criticism from some people in the famous singer Lizzo’s corps de ballet accused of body shaming, a subject much loved by the artist as she is an authority on the so-called ‘twisty’. You do not fall into certain cumbersome traps, but avoid them with great diplomacy and cunning thanks to Mercury. You just can’t be called stupid.

Love: your beloved should share with you all the joys of life.

Job: you always show yourself with the constancy of “Cocco Bello” on the beach.

Health: you have to do so many things that it seems that there are more than twenty-four hours in your day.

Tip of the day: buy a sports uniform agreed with your partner.

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You are real softies, sincerely touched even by the news of summer gossip thanks to Venus, emphasizing your empathy. You may have been very worried about the health of Baby Kay, who was hospitalized due to a jolt at one of his events and had to cancel all concerts. You are ready to send chocolates and soft toys to the singer to cheer her up.

Love: You want your partner to shower you with kisses.

Job: Once you smell gossip, all your curiosity will be on fire.

Health: you tend to do only one thing at a time, which is already a lot for you.

Tip of the day: Shake off the dust from all the children’s toys that are in the attic.

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Family is definitely one of your cornerstones, and you feel this important connection even stronger thanks to the Moon. Just like Georgia Meloni, who entrusts the “keys” of the Fratelli d’Italia to her younger sister Arianna. You are always very generous when it comes to your inner circle of confidants, which extends to no more than cousins.

LoveA: You always know how to make your partner happy.

Job: you work with the same dedication as a small ant that accumulates in the summer months.

Health: Win the Mister Spiaggia challenge right at the table.

Tip of the day: buy seasonal fruits for super vitamin shakes.

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a lion

You are in a bad mood and you really want to move to Finland, which has once again been named the happiest country in the world. Even if Venus in your sign guarantees you romantic adventures, you are like the princess and the pea who notices even the smallest “nootka” under a stack of ten mattresses. Try not to get hung up on nitpicking because perfection doesn’t exist.

Love: you take a break for reflection, but only for today.

JobA: You’re too busy enjoying the summer to even get to work.

Health: I assure you that you do not need special filters for selfies, because you are already gorgeous natural.

Tip of the day: Check out our guide to the most beautiful villages in Italy to visit in the coming days.

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You are starting to see the results of your excellent work, just like President Lula, who is finally able to see the results of his policies that reduced Amazon deforestation by 60%. With Mercury, Mars, and even the Moon in your favor, you’re super efficient and so busy with your projects that you’re “almost” sorry to take a well-deserved vacation.

Love: You also speak in this area.

Job: You’re like a race car at Le Mans.

Health: Your face is so radiant like you just got out of a spa.

Tip of the day: Do exercises to always keep your back straight.

Vote 6-


You have a great ability to find beauty in everything, even when you have seen images of Perucetus, the heaviest animal of all time, twenty meters long, which reached 350 tons. You are endowed with great sensitivity due to the favor of Venus, and you have that enchanted view of the world and all living beings, like a wise Zen master.

Love: you give yourself completely without any reservations.

Job: you manage to play the world even at condominium meetings.

Health: you are, without a doubt, a model of health.

Tip of the day: buy an inflatable donut to go to the beach.

Vote 7 and a half


The crooked moon is as annoying as the grasshoppers that flood the beaches of Romagna. Even if you put logic and moderation into it, you will not be able to enjoy the clear sky, because you always suspect the appearance of clouds on the horizon. Forget the weather forecasts and don’t pay too much attention to Cyclone Circe these days because they will never be one hundred percent sure. Don’t forget to live in the here and now.

Love: You are always very hesitant about when you will have to make the first move.

Job: always look for the straight path instead of scrambling for the shortest path that can lead you to a dead end.

Health: for your peace of mind, you must block all your perverted reasoning.

Tip of the day: practice small talk when you go to coffee shops.

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I’m sure you watched with great envy the feat of Jaan Rose in Qatar, when he “passed” the slackline one hundred and fifty meters at a height of 185 meters. You who have Mars, the most you can do is do zoom in and out with a remote control to watch a video of the Estonian athlete’s great efforts.

Love: It’s very calm here.

Job: pretend all your devices are turned off so you won’t be disturbed at all.

Health: you are always in a winning position at home on the couch.

Tip of the day: try to get some movement by calmly walking along the shore.

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If it were you who discovered the “patch” with the American tape on the engine nacelle of the Ita flight from Cagliari to Rome, you would not limit yourself to complaining on social networks, like the former deputy Pili, but would plant a real pandemonium. Your safety and the safety of the people you love are paramount, and you can’t stand being superficially lazy. You have both Mars and the Moon on your side, so you turn into an avenger, always ready for action.

Love: You are so protective that you hide it in a safe deposit box.

Job: Even the slightest punctuation mistake really gets on your nerves.

Health: You can record hours of concentration on Excel worksheets crammed with calculations.

Tip of the day: do home repairs.

Vote 8


The Moon enhances your desire for solitude, already highlighted by Venus in the background. You wander the streets of the city at the wrong time, when you are absolutely sure that you will not meet anyone. If you’ve been to Sella Giudicai near Trento, you may have come across wildlife, including a large bear that was recently spotted in the village. Perhaps only with him one could have a conversation based on how pleasant it is to go out into the street when there is not a soul around.

Love: The service has not arrived at the moment.

Job: put outside the office, but only in order to decide who to answer and who not.

Health: your mood is like a real bear who doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

Tip of the day: set the table for dinner with grandma’s tablecloth, a glass of wine and light a candle for a romantic evening with you.

Vote 6-


Your athletic performance is similar to that of prospective Somali athlete Ali Abukar in the 100m, which took 21 seconds, double that of other sprinters in the race. With Mars and also Mercury against you, speed is especially eager. You love a slow pace that goes perfectly with the moon as well as the summer season. You willingly leave stress locked in a drawer in your office.

Love: fall in love with love.

Job: there is no incentive, no goal, not even an economic one, to force you to sit down at your desk.

Health: the best moment of the day is the siesta.

Tip of the day: cook a good stew and steam ‘pipietare’ for hours in a saucepan.

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