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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram stories — which are now a film genre in their own right, given the precise choreography that portrays her, and her army of 8 million followers — provide the attentive observer with an array of reflections beyond the obvious idea that Paltrow -The winning numbers in the Martin family DNA lottery keep coming. Apple, 19, and Moses, 17, are twins to mum Gwyneth Paltrow and dad Chris Martin, respectively, and Gwyneth – 51 in September – has grown to look more and more like her mum Blythe Danner, who is now a beauty queen. Eighty years old. years old, which also guarantees a solidly aging future as an actress/influencer.

– American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, with her son Moses in Milan, for lunch at the Wes Anderson-created Luce Bar at the Prada Foundation. Moses turned 17 the day his father, Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay, was at a concert at the San Siro. so the son and ex-wife joined them to be able to celebrate together

promises kept

What’s noteworthy are the images from last month’s family lunch at the Prada Foundation, Beyond the obvious beauty of the three hero-models, is that just seven years after their divorce (officially on July 14, 2016), Paltrow and Martin are doing what they promised at the time of their separation: vacationing together, With my children, a post-divorce family based on mutual respect and love for children. As Paltrow has said multiple times, “Chris is my brother,” just like her biological brother Jake, 48, a director and producer (similar to mom Blythe) ex-husband.
Then here they are, Gwyneth and Moses and Chris (Apple wasn’t there) at lunch at Bar Luce, produced by Wes Anderson, the director so beloved by Paltrow (he made her immortal). tenenbaum Like Margot Tenenbaum, author and former genius whose life and career were engulfed in the turmoil of an unprepared family), idealized landscapes and idealized costumes (he dressed as a sailor but with horizontal red stripes), Moses is a was very attractive in tight shirt and tie shorts as if he had just stepped out of a scene in Anderson’s film), a staunch “normcore” Martin watching his son and his ex-wife before the concert in Milan.

– Kate Hudson and ex-husband Chris Robinson with their son, Ryder Robinson

concert guest

It was a special occasion: Moses’ 17th birthday, celebrated in Milan because dad played here with his Coldplay, a big concert at the San Siro in which Gwyneth and Moses were guests of honor, and one that made the inevitable trip to the store . Afternoon at Brera by Milanese designer Massimo Alba, who appears to have inspired quite a few looks from the collection for Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop.
Martin (who only says of his ex-girlfriend, “There’s a lot of love and no scandal, sorry”) has not remarried; Paltrow yes, with screenwriter Brad Falchuk, in 2018, With which, after the Milanese visit, Paltrow left for Umbria, another much-loved destination.

– American singer-songwriter Billy Joel, 74, with new wife Alexis Roderick and ex Christie Brinkley

upload to social media

Paltrow often “posts” images and videos without comment, but occasionally makes small comments about female leadership: “Many female leaders have been clearly taught that in order to be successful, We must emulate the male, aggressive model of work. Respected. I don’t believe it. I firmly believe that women leaders operate differently. We need community, creativity and, above all, permission to relax We do it differently, and that’s okay. That’s why when we’re good we’re really good.” Free word as an influencer? Not much, because Goop, launched in 2008 to general delight (even above most insiders), is now worth $400 million, which makes it One of the best entrepreneurs in the sophisticated lifestyle sector, in which the luxury industry is trying to expand, especially after the pandemic. And the idea of ​​a family that remains a family even when the couple’s love necessarily becomes brotherly love is clearly, after all these years, not a “branding” gimmick, but a reality — A word that fashion is using more and more lately – shared value.

counter extremism

It’s certainly comforting that in the bizarre world of entertainment that has accustomed us to awful fish-in-the-face (millionaire) divorces, the latest examples are Kevin Costner, not to mention Johnny Depp. – Amber Heard courts clients, couples who have made civility a trademark (with or without kids). Precisely, for shared values. Martin and Paltrow loved Billy Joel at the San Siro who dedicated himself during a concert in New York retro girl In that memorable video, the girl who nearly forty years earlier had become his wife (1985–1994) and mother of their daughter, Christie Brinkley. The model (now 70) in the Madison Square Garden audience roared deafeningly for the guest of honor, and Brinkley, who follows Instagram closely, “posted” a nice photo with her ex and captioned “I Met an old friend in the garden” “.

Other Famous Couples and Friends

Supporters of holidays with children even after divorce Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, both Puerto Rican-Americans, were friends before marrying in 2004 and remain friends Even after separating in 2011. One of the most beautiful couples of the 1990s, Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant (together from 1987 to 2000) had no children, but admirably overcame the scandal caused by their 1995 arrest on a side street in Sunset Got it. Boulevard Drive with an escort, Divine Brown. Since separating nearly a quarter-century ago, the two often go skiing, and is godfather to Grant Hurley and ex Steve Bing’s 21-year-old son Damian (another sensational DNA lottery winner: the male version of the mother essentially says Is. Sample).

Actress Reese Witherspoon with children Ava and Deacon– Deacon with father Ryan Phillippe: The family gathers at Deacon’s album release party

Similar philosophy for Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon: Married from 1999 to 2006, when they were both very popular in Hollywood, she resented the end of the story (very painful: he left her for Abbie Cornish after the cheating was revealed to the press, as Witherspoon said, “rocked my mind over a plate of scrambled eggs”) while dedicating it to her children Ava and Deacon, who are now 23 and 20 (they also look similar to mom and dad, respectively, given the Reese-Ava resemblance Online photographic comparisons are also a literary genre.) Phillip received shared custody and photos of the parents with Ava and Deacon at various school events, sporting events, together at a pizzeria were frequently seen on gossip and tabloid sites. Kate Hudson and Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson got married when she was just 21 years old. In 2000, they were divorced seven years later: and they were also photographed smiling together at Ryder football games and other school events for many years, as the actress (who fathered two more children after Ryder) recently Hee said, “We both loved each other completely, and no matter how many difficulties there were, that thing would never change”. The same is true for Courteney Cox and David Arquette: after 14 years of marriage, they divorced when their daughter Coco was young, stating that “we filed for divorce very gently and respectfully, absolute priority.” Contacted with: the well-being and safety of cocoa”.

Demi Moore and Emma Heming: “Our daughters are sisters, the family bond that binds us has no name”

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson did not have any children for two years of marriage, they were very secretive during and after their relationship: but since then, whenever the two are asked about their history during some interviews He always made warm announcements. former partner. But the most famous – tragic – blended family in Hollywood is that of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Thirteen years of marriage and divorce followed by numerous photos at school, in the park, on vacation, at gala evenings on the red carpet, almost always with at least one of their three daughters, guests of honor at her wedding to Ashton Kutcher and His with model Emma Heming. The Moore-Kutcher marriage does not last, but Emma and Demi become true friends: the two families merge into one, a blended family, All together happily took fun selfies in pyjamas, spent 2020’s lockdown together, and last year, when celebrities posted “the woman who inspires me” on social media on the occasion of March 8, Demi Chose Emma: “I see her as a part of my family, I have the honor to call her a friend. Our daughters are sisters, there is no name to reflect the family bond that connects us. We are mothers, united , are sisters, together in this craziest adventure of life. Emma is a beautiful, devoted mother to her family, a very beautiful woman, and now she can add “entrepreneur” to her resume. She single-handedly carved a path to create @cocobabaofficial… Her drive, determination and passion are a gift. What an inspiring woman.” The friendship was further strengthened when, shortly after these statements, Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. He gave up acting to heal himself, while his memory slowly declined, but His extraordinary gynoecium, the warmth of his wife and ex-wife and three daughters, who adore him and regularly “post” updates on his health on social media, and thanks to fans, do not fade away.

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