How to 100% Complete GTA 5 – All Missions, Percentages and Mission List – Grand Theft Auto V

Although the main story line accounts for only half of the proportion, there are still hundreds of tasks to be completed

All open-world or sandbox-style games have their idiosyncrasies, and we can spend our time playing them in very different ways.In fact, the vitality of “GTA 5” is so great that Complete all available missions In Los Santos, this is no small matter.Today we’re going to focus on gathering everything you need to get 100% of the game, and corresponding percentage Every.

GTA 5 mission list 100% and percentage

Next we leave you with a complete task list If you want to maximize it, you have to do it in-game. In addition, we also tell you what percentage each item corresponds to.

  • main mission – 50% of the total
  • hobbies and hobbies – 10% of the total
  • “Strange and Crazy” Quests – 20% of the total
  • Random events – 14% of the total
  • Some – 16% of the total

GTA 5 Main Mission List

There are a total of 69 games main mission. Adding 50% of the total percentage when all done is enough:

  1. foreword
  2. franklin and lamar
  3. embargo
  4. complication
  5. Father and son
  6. hack
  7. marriage counseling
  8. daddy’s little girl
  9. friend request
  10. jewelry inspection
  11. Carbine/Bugstars Gear – BZ Gas Grenade
  12. jeweler’s job
  13. Mr Philips
  14. trevor philips industries
  15. nervous ron
  16. glass maze
  17. reunion
  18. tensile length
  19. fame or drama
  20. undead
  21. Did someone say yoga?
  22. The third is the crowd
  23. neighborhood safari
  24. murder in hotel
  25. multiple murder
  26. explore the port
  27. from books
  28. Mini Submarine / Cargobob
  29. getaway vehicle
  30. rubbish truck
  31. work clothes
  32. mask
  33. crane
  34. The Merriwether Heist (Freighter/High Seas)
  35. blockade
  36. I face the law…
  37. criminal murder
  38. bus murder
  39. aerial camera
  40. mr richards
  41. free fall
  42. infiltration
  43. slight turbulence
  44. murder job
  45. Preparations for the Pareto strike
  46. predator
  47. military equipment
  48. redneck robbery
  49. derailed
  50. business cloudy
  51. relax club
  52. Investigate the coup
  53. digging into the past
  54. packer
  55. fresh meat
  56. Rocco’s Ballad
  57. clean fib
  58. family reunion
  59. architect’s plan
  60. Legal Issues
  61. Fire Truck – Attack the FIB
  62. Junction
  63. troublesome lamar
  64. Cataclysm
  65. planning a coup
  66. tunnel boring machine
  67. Challenge/Exception
  68. Popular
  69. Finale Episode – Wise Choice / The Time Has Come / The Third Way

List of Interests in GTA 5

There are 59 activities Los Santos has that type.To get 100%, we need to complete at least 42 Extra 10%. Which ones to choose will be up to us.

  • tennis: Win the competition
  • darts: win a game
  • golf: Complete the circuit at or below par
  • striptease: accept private dance
  • yoga: Just do yoga
  • triathlon: There are three games of this type, winning is enough
  • shooting range: There are seven such tests
  • city ​​racing: There are five such tests
  • off-road racing: There are six such tests
  • flight school: There are twelve such tasks
  • parachute: There are thirteen such jumps
  • water racing: This type has four races
  • hunt: Complete unique hunting missions
  • arms trafficking– Complete all 10 air and ground weapons trafficking missions with Trevor
  • Bounty Hunter– Complete all four of Trevor’s bounty hunter missions

The “Weird and Crazy” Mission List in GTA 5

For the other 20% we have to complete At least 20 of the many side quests From Strange and Crazy. You can choose between all these tasks:

  • barry’s mission
  • beverly mission
  • Cletus’ mission
  • massacre mission
  • Nigel’s mission
  • Tonya’s mission
  • Hao’s mission
  • Omega Mission
  • dreyfus mission
  • assassination mission
  • Maud’s mission
  • militia mission
  • Abigail’s mission
  • mary ann mission
  • josh’s mission
  • solar mission
  • Trevor’s Mother Quest
  • Epsilon Quest

List of Random Events in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V features as many 57 random events, but enough to find 14 Which accounted for 14% of the total. There are random events all over Los Santos City.

List of “Miscellaneous” events in GTA 5

Finally, you must Complete all 16 of these events This way you can subtract it from the percentage. Only then can we complete GTA V 100%. Here are the relevant events:

  1. Buy at least five properties
  2. Purchase a vehicle from the website
  3. Get all 50 spaceship parts
  4. Get all 50 letter fragments
  5. play cut
  6. flirting with street dancers
  7. receiving sex from a prostitute
  8. hold up a store
  9. Complete 25 of 50 flights under bridges
  10. Complete 8 of 15 knife flights
  11. Complete all 25 stunt jumps
  12. Go to the movies
  13. go to bar with friends
  14. go to the movies with friends
  15. go to street club with friends
  16. play darts with friends
Trevor is always on time for appointments

If you want to know more tricks for GTA 5, remember we have Full range For you guys. Secrets range from finding Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad to a list containing the location of every hidden package in the game.If you want to learn more about the game, we recommend reading our analysis of your game final version.

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