How will Griselda be with Sofia Vergara?

The actress is the main character of the mini-series about Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug trafficker and entrepreneur nicknamed the “queen of drugs.”

Many people remember Sofia Vergara especially for the comic role of Gloria in the TV series “Modern Family”. However, the Colombian-born actress and model is about to put herself in the shoes of a completely different character than Jay’s bubbly, sunny and fiery wife; a character who in some ways can be defined as darker and more dangerous. let `s talk about Miniseries Griselda. Coming out in a few months on Netflixin six episodes Sofia Vergara I’ll play the main character Griselda Blanco.

What is Griselda about: the plot

There Miniseries Griselda inspired by the lives of experienced and ambitious Griselda BlancoColombian entrepreneur, loving mother and boss of one drug cartels most profitable in history. Nicknamed “The Godmother”, Griselda has always managed to keep her business and family under control, fulfilling her role with a mixture of unexpected ferocity and undeniable charm.

“When we meet Griselda, she is a woman crushed by the male-dominated world around her,” director and executive producer Andres Baiz said in a press release. “We are also witnesses to his evolution as he turns his oppression into an instrument for spreading terror (…) Sofia Vergara manages to clearly capture its essence.”

Sofia Vergara in the movie Griselda

As already mentioned, Sofia Vergara plays the main character.. The actress also co-created and executive produced with Eric Newman (Narcos) and director Andres Buys. Other components are currently unknown. throw.

“As a Colombian immigrant and single mother who came to America and built an empire, Sofia shares the personal aspect of this character, and her passion for telling her story was undoubtedly the driving force behind this project,” she said. and executive producer Eric Newman.

“What will really surprise audiences is how she manages to embody this complete darkness in her performance, far removed from the comedy she is loved and known for. Finding the right path to play this role was a big challenge for him on this show, and seeing the transformation succeed was a privilege.”

The True Story of Griselda

Griselda Blanco This was drug offender. Was born in Colombia in 1943, in a poor and degraded environment, she began to engage in prostitution at the age of 20. She first marries a counterfeiter, whom she then kills for business reasons, and then a human trafficker.

She moved to the US with her second husband and entered the industry. drugs spreading. Over time, his business grows impressively thanks to some contacts, such as a childhood friend. Pablo Escobar. He reached his peak between the seventies and eighties, when his assets approached two billion dollars.

Actually by nickname Godmother or Queen of drugsGriselda Blanco was renowned for her ruthlessness and cruelty, and thanks to the numerous assassins who worked for her, she was responsible for hundreds of murders. She spent twenty years in prison, but was released in 2004 and repatriated to Colombia. She was killed in 2012 at the age of 69 by two killers on motorcycles.

When will Griselda come out?

There Griselda Miniseries Debuts January 2024 on Netflix. The exact release date has not yet been announced.

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