Percy Jackson, author defends casting of black actress in new series: ‘Anyone can be a hero’

After a long wait, Disney today he began to reveal his cards on New episode Percy Jackson and the Olympians (You can watch the teaser HERE) which will see the pen character making his first appearance on the small screen. Rick Riordan and the protagonist of a long-running literary saga. However, the new product was accompanied by some controversy due to the recasting of one of the main characters.

let `s talk about Annabeth Chasedemigoddess daughter of Athena and Percy Jackson’s love interest. In the book and film adaptation, released in theaters in 2010, she is the Caucasian girl played by Alexandra Daddariobut they wanted to change something in the series and she will be played Leah Jeffries, black actress. The decision caused discontent, which Riordan himself had already commented on a year ago, and now during an interview electronic warfare he wanted to return to this topic, explaining why this was actually a very important choice for him.

Giving cast Percy Jackson more inclusive is key to preserve the purity of the very spirit of the work, born as a bedtime story that the author created for his son, who was struggling with personal and academic problems. “He suffered from dyslexia and ADHD and was doing very poorly at school, except when Yes he was fascinated by Greek mythology” He said.

From there, Riordan, a teacher himself, took advantage of the opportunity: “I knew a lot about Greek mythology and enjoyed teaching it. I started telling him stories from Greek myths, and when I ran out of old things, I came up with a new Greek hero. Modern boy named Percy Jackson, who, like my son, suffered from ADHD and dyslexia. and discovers that these are actually signs that he is a demigod. It was easy for him to believe it” He said.

For this reason, it is important that even if a lot of time has passed since those bedtime stories,”I gotta make sure the story I can talk to all the children and that anyone who watches the series will be able to see themselves again. This is enough for everyone to become a hero – after all, that’s why I wrote the books” A useless debate, therefore, for the author himself of the novels on which the series was based.

He will play Percy Jackson Walker Scobellrecently nearby Ryan Reynolds V Project Adam. In the cast we also find Aryan Simhadri as Grover and the aforementioned Leah Sawa Jeffries as Annabeth. They will also be present Toby Stephens as Poseidon, the late Lance Reddick as Zeus, Timothy Omundsen as Hephaestus, Jay Duplass as Hades Adam “Edge” Copeland is that Ares is Lin-Manuel Miranda like Hermes.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians will be released on Disney+ December 20, 2023.

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