Icing effect nails for a super chic spring. A nude, yet magical nail polish made iconic by Hailey Bieber

For days, social media has been talking about the love triangle that it includes Justin Bieberthe ex-girlfriend of the singer, Selena Gomez and his current wife Hailey.
The web split into two teams: one for the actress who became famous thanks to Wizards of Waverly Place and the other for the famous model.

Hailey Bieber frosted effect nails
Hailey Bieber frosted effect nails – (IG Source: @haileybieber) – CambioTaglio.it

While the best users look for hidden details about their relationship, we enjoy copying one nail art which he showed off with great style of his own Hailey Bieber.
It’s about the frosted nails which are perfect if you want to make spring even more romantic.
Find out how to make them in minutes!

Hailey Bieber strikes again! Find out how to make frosted effect nails: a nude nail polish that is super requested among VIPs

Hailey Bieber has been making a lot of talk about itself lately, but in this case it’s not about Selena Gomez you hate Justin Bieberbut of his new ones nails.
The famous model shows off her new one frosted effect nail art. Pink and super tasty, the nail polish appears nude, but it doesn’t go unnoticed at all.

Find out what you need to make this simple nail art and then follow the method step by step. If something doesn’t add up for you, take a look at the video tutorials Of YouTube which you find at the end of the article.


  • Pink powder
  • Topcoat
  • Brush


1) Apply the Pink powder. Apply a thin layer and let it dry.

2) Spread a layer of Topcoat all over your nails and then cure for 30 seconds or wait if you’re using regular polish.

3) Get the Pink powder with a small brush and rub it gently all over the nail. Go from top to bottom and vice versa.

4) Roll out the Topcoat on your nails and let it dry for a few minutes or cure in a lamp.

This nail art is super simple to make. Just have the right products and bare nails will look perfect. Rest assured that they will not go unnoticed, just think that this nail art has done it too Hailey Bieber.

Check out the video tutorials Of YouTube and then discover other examples of frosted nails in the gallery below!
Get ready for a spring full of romance!

See other girls who copied Hailey Bieber’s nails. Discover with us the frosted effect nude nails!

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