Impossible ones are marked in red. Huge box office losses revealed

Accounts in the red for Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible – the box office does not forgive the films of Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise.

2023 will be remembered as a special year in terms of box office.. Among adults surprisesHow Super Mario Bros. – Movie, BarbieAND Oppenheimerand big failures How Flash, Shazam! – Fury of the Gods AND Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania.

Surprise deceive expectations there were high expectations Indiana Jones – Quadrant of Destiny AND Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death – Part One. The latter, according to a recent Variety report, could suffer big losses at the box office.

‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Mission: Impossible’ box office do not forgive the last films of two great franchises

Mission Impossible Indiana Jones Box Office -

According to a recent report published by the trading magazine diversityonce screenings at the cinema. Indiana Jones 5 and from Mission Impossible 7, two films may close the box office negatively. According to the magazine, two films may lose at least $100 million each. Not very comforting figures, given the huge production figures for the two films, which are about 300 million each.

Very high numbers considering they don’t include promotional costs, which for films of this caliber are almost always around $100 million (if not more). The general rule of film economics is that in order to make a profit, a film must earn three times its production costs.

Now let’s analyze two films. Just think that Indiana Jones – Quadrant of Destiny at the moment just earned 375 million dollars at the international box office, low numbers given that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) earned nearly $800 million.

On the other hand, the situation is less tragic. Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death – Part Onewhich currently marks the box office 523 million dollars, numbers that could still rise as the film has been in theaters around the world for a month now.

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