It’s been 39 years since Michael Jordan’s legendary story with the Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest figures of all time as a current player for the Chicago Bulls. His greatness has made him transcend national boundaries and has reached the point where he is defined as “the best player of all time” by many fans, sports experts, players, and former players. . Players and coaches.

However, September 12th of this year marked a historic event, a moment that completely changed the history of the Chicago Bulls. It’s about 39 years after Jordan signed his first contract with Illinois, which inadvertently allowed them to accumulate a lot of success as a team as Jordan would become the all-time leader of this basketball organization.

That year (1984), Jordan signed a five-year guaranteed contract with two years of options. Michael was earning just over $6 million at the time, with a $1 million signing bonus.

Currently this number seems miniscule if we compare it to the huge contracts announced in recent years (especially for rookie players), however, in that year it was the third highest contract in history for a rookie player, being beaten by Ralph ·Ralph Sampson over Hakeem Olajuwon.

The salary cap for the entire team at that time was only $3.8 million, which meant that Bulls general manager Rod Thorn, the Bulls took a big risk with a player they did not guarantee. Becoming a superstar, however, far exceeded everyone’s expectations. No one thought that this figure would become a legend of the NBA and the team.

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