“It’s not easy being with her.”

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

The actor talks about the relationship with the singer, which, between character differences and work commitments, doesn’t always go swimmingly.

The relationship between Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry is “very demanding”, word of the British actor, longtime companion of the pop superstar.

During an interview with Flaunt magazine, Bloom admitted that busy work schedules, parenting responsibilities for her two-year-old daughter Daisy, and different careers in the arts are often a source of conflict.

“There are aspects of her life that I don’t necessarily understand and I think the same is true for her. Sometimes things are really, really, really challenging, it’s not easy being with her,” she said.

“We wrestle with our emotions and our creativity, but I think we’re both aware of how lucky we are to have found each other, and there’s definitely never a dull moment.”

Orlando and Katy started dating in 2016 and, after a short hiatus, got back together, getting engaged in 2019.

Although work often forces them to stay apart, the two were recently spotted at a Harry Styles concert, in the company of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

“In some ways it was a coincidence – he said about the meeting with Bezos -, in the sense that in the afternoon I didn’t know what was going to happen, but at the end of the day, it was like, «Oh, it’s happening, ok great! ». We were at a friend’s birthday party,” explained the 46-year-old.

“And then, this opportunity happened. In fact, I’m always very impressed with how down-to-earth and down-to-earth Jeff is.”


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