Two-tone hair: Miley Cyrus’s Umbrella Hair spring trend

Two-tone hair: it’s time for Umbrella Hair

With the arrival of summer everyone feels the desire for change. And very often the first item to be subject to head shots it’s really our hair, which is cut and colored in different ways, almost as a gesture of good luck and rebirth for the arrival of spring.

Between hair color trends 2023 for spring summer the funniest is certainly the Umbrella Hair, the two-tone hair trend, which intends to oust the classic and natural nuances of the shatush or some highlightsproposing a different way to combine two colors on the same crown.

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Among the countries that have most welcomed this trend is the Japanwhere most people, especially among young people, are always open to experimenting with bold geometric cuts and vivid colors and neoncertainly thanks to the culture of kawaii and anime that distinguishes them.

What is Umbrella Hair?

The feature that makes Umbrella Hair very special is the fact that the two colors are positioned one above and one below the other, in such a way as to have one shade on the surface of the hair and one below it, visible around the neck area. A bit like what happens on the canvas of a umbrellawhich gives its name to the trend, and which very often has a color above, which is in contact with the rain and is visible to others, and another different shade below, which protects us from water and we can to see holding the umbrella in hand.

Furthermore, unlike the more classic hair colors, which have two or three similar nuances blended together in a harmonious way, as happens in the shatush or in the highlights, the Umbrella Hair involves the use of two shades in stark contrastsuch as blond and black, according to the rules of the color block.

How to do two-tone hair below

Making two-tone hair is pretty simple. Usually the lighter shade is placed on the top layer of hair and around the face, to give brightness, while the darker shade it is concentrated in the nape area, where it enhances depth.

You can also choose two natural shades that are not too different from each other, but to fully embrace the trend you should opt for two contrasting colors such as black and blonde, red and brown, pink and brown, green and black, purple and black. In short, you can indulge yourself with all the color combinations you prefer.

The ideal cut for two-tone hair

To enhance the contrast of the color block, a length of medium or long hair. The ideal is a loba long bob, or longer hair that goes past the shoulders, in order to show off the two colors well.

Umbrella Hair can also be made on short hairrevealing the dark color underneath.

Even Miley Cyrus chooses Umbrella Hair

The singer of Flowers has recently sported perfect Umbrella Hair, with a platinum blonde on the surface and a Bruno dark under. Miley Cyrus also decided to highlight her hair regrowth, leaving the black roots clearly visible.

Two-tone hair below: photos to inspire you

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