J-Ax blows up Meneguzzi with new song (VIDEO)

On the net these days, the dissing that happened between bounced everywhere Paul Meneguzzi AND J-axis. It all started with an interview given by the first MauMag in which, following his career, he talked about the current state of Italian music and especially about the rapper’s frontman Article 31.

The latter responded with a series of stories to which meneguzzi he finally ended with a long post about facebook (find all here). Can it end like this? Obviously not. J-axis actually uploaded a new song called Envy of Peneguzzi in which he returned to attack his colleague, following through on all the criticism leveled against him.

Hello Pablo
Is this basic Latin America enough?
Everything is fine? You know I would like to rise to your level
Let’s go, chico

Let’s put it in perspective, yeah
It’s not a diss for me, it’s a summer charity
With a fucking story, I gave you back your life
knowing full well how it will end
you’re stuck in yourself like a shipwrecked
you get on the boat and then stick to the dick like you used to

Psalm and Luce, what an epic challenge
now it’s Meneguzzi’s turn for me
bad luck haunted me all my life
and you lecture me for short fame like your fame in south america
and moss on instagram insult you
on facebook you did it
in the realm of cottons, conspiracy theorists and flat earth
hyena kukki among journalists
and who keeps the bands
with bad memes
and be able to say fuck Meneguzzi I love you pussy
We wish you success
so then who offends you who now agrees with you

Ideals, family and values
I’m talking about guns
and you like Georgia Meloni
you said i have followers not fans
I only post live photos on social media
you are your child
catch two likes
and then come on give me a moral for Disco Paradise
come on!

Which, compared to you, looks like it was written by Guccini
and you say I’m a pimp with kids?
no, nini
i said flows
they are better than when your manufacturer
he played little games like joppini
and he bought your records by buying and falsifying FIMI ratings
What did you say? Would you be Justin Bieber
with the right investment
and Madonna in Chile was on your level

But in Italy you were Tiziano Ferro without your voice and talent!
could you play with Annalize and Fedez?
Or with Giannacci or Pinot Daniele?
I’m not great, but I’ve met great ones
and one thing they never do
is to humiliate others
Return to Montevideo, which left you stranded here.
also Pio and Amedeo
it is true that I painted such canvases as Clement, Agnelli and even Gay
even San Remo because Amadeus killed people like you
and I’m happy with the money they gave Salmo
and I liked Blanco’s hitting the sticks
what angered those who now applaud you
that in two days you will be reminded

It’s true I’m old but you’re old too
and I’m talking weed like Willie Nelson
you, on the other hand, can no longer sell sex for pieces of love
girls waiting for their first period
we are both escorts
I’m upscale
you stop, he says: “I don’t remember that”
let’s put these things in their place
you are a fraud
at least i have sponsors

Do you mean Pablo?
ok now don’t cry
i’m not a rapper can’t answer
instead, if you’re so good
you are such a complete pop singer
take your pen and write me a piece like L’Avenvelenata
then you even tried to rap
you were shit but you tried
and in general you are better as a rapper than as a singer
so next time get my name out of your fucking mouth
and don’t worry, i’ll leave you alone
Goodbye Pablo

What do you think about this song JX?

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