Unusually, they stole the vaccine from Rosen’s hat

It happened on Tuesday night, Unidentified persons entered the Primary Health Care Center (CAPS) of the capital “Rio Chubut” and stole vaccines.

The incident caused an uproar in the local area. One of the refrigerators where the stolen items were stored was not opened, causing the remaining medication to spoil.

Rosen’s “Santa Teresita” divisional hospital reported what happened via social networks: “Due to the theft of vaccines due to the robbery that took place last night at CAPS in “Rio Chubut”, we ask the public for their cooperation that if a vaccine is found on a public road, it should be brought to the nearest health center or delivered to our hospital center vaccination centres, so that they can be disposed of in the correct way, as they are biological material”, communicated.

missing two

Lack of doses for Hepatitis A, Triple Virus, Influenza, Influenza in children and adults, Tetanus, Cellular Triple Bacteria (for pregnant women), Triple Bacteria (for children attending school).

This theft has made it impossible for the vaccination program to continue as normal.


CAPS “Río Chubut” due to stolen doses was unable to continue its immunization program this Wednesday due to a deep cleaning of the offending refrigerator, and a survey to identify vaccine stocks in health centers. The planning area and national health authorities were subsequently notified of the incident.

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