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what from Jacob Elordi this name is probably very, very familiar to all fans of the television series Euphoria. In fact, he is an interpreter of the character Nate from the famous series. However, over time, Elordi also happened to take part in many films that replenished his already rather dense filmography. 2023 is a candidate to be a special year for all who follow his career as Venice 80the competition will be submitted to a work in which Jacob will be in the role of someone very, very special, that is Elvis Presley. After release Elvis under the direction of Baz Luhrmann, a new film by the director will be released in 2022 Sofia Coppola, Priscillareturns to the big screen the figure of Priscilla Presley, this time performed by Caylee Spaeny.

outside Priscilla we certainly cannot forget numerous of them other stages of Elordi’s career. Euphoria, as already mentioned, is just one of them. In this article, a short journey entirely dedicated to Jacob Elordi between curiosity which excite him, and above all, a large space dedicated to some of the works in which he took partsuch as those that make up saga of Kissing booth and 2022 movie deep water.

Who is Jacob Elordi

The actor was born in BrisbaneV Australian state of Queensland, June 26, 1997. His big screen debut comes twenty years later, or 2017When will he appear in the movie? Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revengedirector Joachim Ronning AND Espen Sandberg. To see him in his first truly important role, you have to wait until next year, when two films will come out in which the future Nate Jacobs from Euphoria.

The first one is Swinging safarisdirector Stephan Elliott and with Kylie Minogue as the character Kay, the last Kissing boothdirector’s film Marcellus wins based on the novel of the same name Beth Rickles. Elordi plays one of the main characters, namely Noah, while the roles of Elle and Lee are respectively entrusted Joey King AND Joel Courtney. The event that ended today between Jacob Elordi and Joey King.

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Elordi from 2019 to 2022

2019 this year mortuary collectiondirector’s film Ryan Spindell in which, in addition to Elordi, we find Clancy Brown AND Ema Horvath. In addition, this is the debut year of the television series. Euphoria, in which the actor plays the character Nate Jacobs. In order to generate interest beyond the various events of the main characters of the series, rumors begin to circulate in the media about the nature of the connection between Jacob Elordi and Zendaya.

Meanwhile, the actor’s career continues, more precisely in 2020 there are two films in which he takes part, namely The Most Excellent Mr Dundee director Dean Murphy and continuation Kissing booththat is kissing booth 2. 2021 this is the year of the third chapter of the saga of Kissing boothor Kissing booth 3 and, once again directed by Vince Marcello, we see Jacob Elordi again as Noah.

Again, not only Elordi’s career attracts the attention of fans, but also his personal life, in this regard, how can one forget when the media dealt with the relationship of the actor and Kaia Gerber, finished a long time ago.

V 2022 the movie is coming out deep water director Adrian Line in which Jacob Elordi plays Charlie. In the cast, in addition to him, also, among others, Ben Affleck AND Ana de Armas. The focus, as well as his acting activities, is still his personal life, and in particular photographs showing him with Olivia Jade Giannouli.

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Jacob Elordi as Elvis Presley in movie Priscilla

2023 release year of two films with Jacob Elordi or Sweet Eastdirector Sean Price Williams AND Priscilladirector Sofia Coppola. The latest work will be presented at the competition for80To Venice International Film Festival.

In particular, Elordi was entrusted with the task of interpreting. Elvis Presley, also recently brought to the big screen by actor Austin Butler in another film, namely Elvis2022 film director Baz Luhrmann. If in an opera staged by Luhrmann one interprets Priscilla Presley – Olivia DeJongto the cinema Priscilla it’s a different actress Caylee Spaeny.

The teaser, which we also talked about at Cosmopolitan in June 2023, was able to provide a valuable glimpse of what’s to come. Curiosity? The film is an adaptation of the memoirs. Elvis and me wrote herself Priscilla Presley with Sandra Harmon.

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