James Franco, an artist with a thousand facets

Born in Palo Alto on April 19, 1978, today, James Franco accomplishes 45 years. The well-known actor, director, screenwriter and producer grew up in a very creative and stimulating family context from a cultural point of view, an element certainly in favor of his note versatility.

His passion for acting soon manifested itself, in fact already at the time of Palo Alto High School he acted in school plays and then continued and fueled this inclination of his by choosing, after graduating, to follow a preparation course that lasted 15 months. And that’s how, in 1999, she gets her first major role in the cast of Freaks and Geeks as protagonist; but this will be only the first in a long series of successes that will even see him win the most prestigious film awards.

James Franco’s Achievements

James Franco

The role that paved the way for success for young James Franco was undoubtedly James Dean – The true storyautobiographical film directed by Mark Rydell in which he plays the well-known actor, with whom he won his first Golden Globe in 2001. The award is more than deserved if we consider Franco’s commitment and preparation to best enter the character: he became a smoker, learned to ride a motorcycle, play different instruments and even sought information on the well-known character by spending time with Dean’s family and analyzing the films he directed.

However, it is not the only film in which James Franco has dedicated body and soul to succeed in the interpretation, in fact we also remember Annapolis, Tristan and Isolt And Young Eagles, released in 2006, for which the actor trained for eight months in boxing, learned to ride horses, sword fight and even obtained a private pilot’s license. However, it will be the role of him, obtained in 2002, of Harry Osborneson of Green Goblin, in Spider Man, directed by Sam Raimi, to enchant millions of girls around the world. His interpretation of him will be so appreciated that he is cast as the same character also in Spider Man 2in 2004, e Spider Man 3in 2007.

Known by now his talent, he will also collaborate with artists of the caliber of Robert de Niro in Guilty of murder And Nicolas Cage in horror the chosen one. Smoke yourself, in 2008, he nominated him for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical thanks to his extraordinary performance as a drug dealer, to the point of being defined by the magazine High Times “Addict of the Year”. Thanks to its interpretation in Milk then, in 2008, he won a Independent Spirit Award in the Best Supporting Actor category. He also starred in Eat, pray, love and in Crazy night in Manhattan, with considerable public success. Also noteworthy is her performance as the poet Allen Ginsberg in I scream.

The film that won him the nomination for best actor at the 83rd Academy Awardspresented by James Franco himself e Anne HathawayAnd 127 hours as the climber Aaron Ralston got trapped during a hike. Prominent role will also have in the reboot of the well-known saga de The Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apesin which he plays Will Rodmana pharmaceutical chemist who is helping to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, using monkeys as guinea pigs.

In 2013 he will also star in the prequel of Disney Oz the Great and Powerfulto then begin to try his hand at films of his own production such as Child of Godhis first feature film as a director presented at 70th Venice International Film FestivalAnd As I lay dyinginspired by the novel by Faulknerwhich, however, was not met with critical acclaim. Despite the disappointment, she decides to try again, in 2014, with The Sound and the Furyinspired by the novel of the same name. His participation in the film dates back to the same year Good Peoplein which he starred alongside the famous Kate Hudson.

It will finally be in 2017 that Franco will be able to achieve considerable success in a film directed and interpreted by himself, The Disaster Artistwith which he will win the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Lead. It will also be released in 2019 Zerovillealso directed by Franco and awaiting distribution since 2014.

In addition to being a brilliant actor, Franco also has a great passion for painting and for the philosophy.

The unmissable by James Franco

James Franco

To best celebrate James Franco, we leave you some titles that you should see:

  • James Dean – The true story, a television film released in 2001 and directed by Mark Rydell. It tells the life of the well-known actor James Deanfrom his childhood traumas, to his difficult relationship with his father, to the construction of his brilliant career prematurely cut short by a tragic car accident.
  • 127 hours2010 film directed by Danny Boyle. The film is based on the true story of mountaineer Aron Ralston who, during a solitary trip to Utah in 2003, got his right arm stuck under a rock and was forced to amputate it to get rid of it. The film retraces the tragic episode which lasted 127 hours, that is 5 days, with a very good James Franco in the role of the mountaineer.
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes2011 film directed by Rupert Wyatt. James Franco here brilliantly plays the role of Will Rodman, one of the scientists involved in the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s. To test this apparently benign virus capable of inducing the healing process from the disease they use monkeys. One day, however, the monkey Bright eyes tries to escape and shows signs of aggression and, as a result, all the monkeys are ordered to be killed. However, it turns out that inside the animal’s cell there was a newborn chimpanzee and therefore his gesture was a simple gesture of maternal instinct. Will decides to take it home with him and take care of it; the animal, called Caesardisplays an extraordinary intelligence which however will soon turn against the man himself.
  • Oz the Great and Powerful2013 film directed by Sam Raimi. Oscar Diggsplayed by James Franco, is a skilled illusionist in a Kansas circus who, during an attempted escape in a hot air balloon by the strongman, ends up in the Kingdom of Oz. Here, everyone believes that he is the great wizard who came to save them from the evil witch and if successful, he would get a great prize. Driven by the thirst for wealth and fame, the protagonist will try his hand at this adventure which, however, will give him much more than this once the adventure is over, making him a better man.
  • The Disaster Artist, a 2017 film directed by and starring James Franco. The film tells of the friendship between Greg Sesterowhose novel inspired the same film, and Tommy Wiseau and of the vicissitudes that led the two to Los Angeles, in search of fortune, where they filmed The Roomwhich will be remembered by many albeit not in the desired way since it will be defined as the worst film of all time.

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