Jamie Dornan: “Anything but a seducer, I’m a fun dad”

Withhello never would have thought that the main character Fifty Shades of Gray, as well as one of the most disturbing commercials, would you blush at a personal question?

But it happened during this meeting with Jamie Dornan, Christian Gray of the most read and then the most popular movie saga in recent memory, as well as the model who stood out in the Calvin Klein posters wearing only a pair of boxer shorts (which the model tried to take off of him).

Jamie Dornan (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Of course, it’s beautiful, even if, on the occasion of our meeting, he hides part of his face behind a thick beard, and his chest is molded inside a T-shirt with the inscription “Daddy Girl” (the girl’s father, approx. ed.).

Because a sex symbol Jamie Dornan in everyday life is a loving father of three girls aged four to ten. Alberta, Elva and Dulcie are born from over a decade of marriage to musician and former actress Amelia Warner, after a two-year relationship with Keira Knightley.

Fifty Shades Darker new trailer

Fifty Shades Darker new trailer

Jamie Dornan, co-star Heart of stone

Return to Jamie in his irresistible version you should tune in to Netflix, where he has been co-starring since August 11 inHeart of stone Near “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot.

It’s a very adrenaline-pumping action movie with a lot of sheer erotic tension between Jamie and Gal.

The danger to be avoided in the film is the acquisition by a single central authority all information available through the Internet and concerning every citizen of the globe.

“When we made the film, it looked like science fiction,” says Dornan. “However, today, after the giant steps taken by technology and artificial intelligence, the concern that someone you are stealing all our sensitive data and feeding us false computer information that seems very real to us.”

Jamie Dornan: “I’m a family man”

His character is again a seducer. And in life you are a “family man”, the father of a family …
Yes, just look at my shirt! (laughs). I was labeled as a sex symbol without my choice, based on the roles I played and the commercials I starred in.

And partly I do not mind: as a husband and father, I am glad that I still have a few cartridges left!

I cannot say too much about my role in Heart of stone but I tell you it’s not what it seems at first: I’ve always enjoyed playing with the public’s perception of my characters.

He once stated that as a child he was skinny and unattractive, as well as rather unlucky in love. How do you reconcile your current image with that past?
We all have an inner view of ourselves, often characterized by great uncertainty.

The difference is that not everyone then sees themselves filmed on a huge screen as an irresistible seductress!

There I can put aside my insecurities and pretend to be strong and confident.

Then, as a spectator, I look back and don’t recognize myself, and wonder how I was able to deceive the audience.

Maybe inside he still sees himself as a skinny guy that girls don’t like. (Here Dornan blushes visibly over his beard, ed.).
I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I’ve gotten good at hiding it from others, but in my eyes, I’ll always be that sucky kid.

Jamie Dornan: ‘Acting is a form of therapy’

Many of his characters were deceitful or even evil: just think of Christian Gray or the main character of the series, a serial killer. Autumn. But you seem like a good boy.
I think that everyone has a dark side that they would never want to deal with. In real life, I am a sunny guy who likes to make people laugh with his stupidity and childishness.

But I also had a very painful experience – the death of my mother when I was only sixteen, and the death of several friends shortly thereafter – which I can use to enter this dark and painful place.

At the beginning of my acting career, I was reluctant to explore my dark side, but with Autumn I just got carried away, frightened by how easily I was able to do it and so convincingly.

After all, acting is an ongoing form of therapy, an ongoing journey of self-discovery. But this dark side of me remains limited to the characters I play: I never brought it home.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

In life, he is surrounded by women: two older sisters, three daughters, a wife.
In fact, the only man in the house besides me is the dog!

But I am very lucky to have so many extraordinary female figures around me: perhaps this is a small compensation for the fact that my mother died when I was still very young.

My father, on the other hand, disappeared a couple of years ago, he was a gynecologist who took six thousand children in and around Belfast (Dornan was born in Holywood, a suburb of Belfast, approx. ed.), and he always spoke to me about women with huge respect, love and, I would even say, reverence.

For me, being surrounded by my women is tantamount to feeling safe on my happy island.

Jamie Dornan: I worked with Kenneth Branagh

Besides, playing terrible men, what kind of male examples would she keep her daughters away from?
All out of pure paternal jealousy! (laughs).
In fact, many men can be bestial, but the examples given to my daughters are very different: my grandfather, uncles, my friends are good and kind people.

As for me, I think they will understand that the negative roles that I played are part of the acting profession and have nothing to do with the playful dad that they have to deal with in life.

One of the greatest pleasures of my career was playing Kenneth Branagh’s father, whom he adored, in his film. Belfast (for this role, Dornan was nominated for a Golden Globe; Branagh again wanted him for Murder in Venice which will be released in mid-September, ed.).

How did he win his wife?
We met at a mutual friend’s party in Los Angeles thirteen and a half years ago, and a few hours later I found out we were getting married.

However, I formally proposed two years later, on the stairs of my friend’s house, where I first saw her. The house was then sold, but I managed to get a piece of the staircase, which my wife and I jealously guard.

Jamie Dornan: “When I met my wife, I knew I would marry her”

Jamie Dornan with wife Amelia Warner

What a romantic gesture…
It’s actually an idea I copied from my father: he first saw my mother when she was coming out of the pool and asked for a ladder that she climbed up.

This line has dominated our living room for thirty-three years, a little out of place but exciting.

His character in Heart of stone somewhat reminiscent of James Bond. Would you like to be the new 007?
Sure, but it’s not for me to decide.

I know that my name is one of those that circulate, like the name of many other actors that have been on the list for many years, and nothing can be done about it: if you are the right age and physique and your films have had some success you are automatically included in this list.

But since this is a decision over which I have no control, I prefer not to think about it at all, and let fate decide: as long as it worked.


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