Jennifer Lopez’s favorite mascara has a secret ingredient

All that he recommends Jennifer Lopez is worthy of attention, do you agree? So when the pop star, dancer and businesswoman let the magazine know Vogue the name of his favorite mascaraour radars from beauty junkie they immediately alerted. Jennifer Lopez, whose ageless beauty is undeniable, enhances her gaze with the Superhero mascara by It Cosmetics. The name sounds promising, and as you’re about to find out, the JLo-approved mascara formula is a real bomb.

SuperHero Volumizing elasticizing mascara, envelops every single eyelash, is enriched with regenerating ingredients

It Cosmetics

JLo’s favorite mascara

This is the classic happily hybrid cosmetic, i.e. a product halfway between skincare and make-up (today this category of 2-in-1 products is increasingly sought after and appreciated). Superhero is a mascara with a very broad spectrum of action. Thanks to the Elastic Stretch technology, it volumizes and dramatically lengthens the lashes. At the heart of the formula is a beneficial mix of nourishing, regenerating and anti-aging active ingredients, namely collagen, biotin, proteins and peptides. Which means that by using this mascara you will strengthen your eyelashes from root to tip. Finally, thanks to the Super Black pigment contained in the formula, the gaze gains extra depth and magnetism. Last but not least, Stupehero has the advantage of being a buildable mascara. Translated: you can apply it over and over again, depending on the intensity you want to achieve (no risk of lumps, no risk of creased eyelashes!). We are of the opinion that for a special evening – for example Valentine’s dinner – the effect more is more is an absolute must, while for the day a quick swipe may be enough to create a discreet but very elegant eyelash look.

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