JLo darkened her hair and is sporting a soft mushroom brown today

For years, we’ve seen JLo rock hair in warm shades of blonde: honey blond, caramel blond, hazelnut blond. Then, almost imperceptibly, the 53-year-old artist has started to darken his iconic hair, making a happy transition from blond to brown, her natural color. Just like it happened to Hailey Bieber and Karlie Kloss, formerly very blonde, now brown-haired, the process was not overnight, but went through many slight and gradual adjustments. Which, among other things, means not subjecting the hair to excessive stress, preserving its softness and elasticity.

“This is me now,” JLo announces on social media. Which, in the last photo shared on her Instagram page, leaves us in ecstasy in front of her thick hair in version brown mushroom. For the uninitiated, mushroom brown refers to a very elegant shade of ash brown, rather cold and rather dark. In short, after a very long period of warm blonde nuances JLo let herself be conquered by the ash color, embellished with lighter reflections, which however never cross the chromatic spectrum of blond. Let’s add that the mushroom brown make the most of those who, like JLo, have naturally dark skin and eyes and, possibly, start from a brown base. How long will JLo’s brunette phase last? We’ll see.

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