Judge 99?Aaron Judge wears No. 23 in honor of Michael Jordan

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superstar new york yankeesAaron Judge recently joined Jordan Brand, led and founded by NBA superstar Michael Jordan. The legendary basketball player had a brief foray into the baseball world, but didn’t have much connection beyond that. However, Jordan is a great athletic brand in multiple leagues, including Major League Baseball.

in middle schoolAaron Judge is a three-sport athlete: He plays basketball, football and baseball. It’s been said that he could have turned pro in any of those programs, but he chose baseball, and probably the right one.

he wears jersey number 23 on the basketball court. It’s Jordan’s number, and it brings great honor. Wearing it is for good reason, as Jordan inspired him to wear the iconic number on the court.

How Michael Jordan Inspired Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge revealed that his decision to wear No. 23 in high school came from Michael Jordan. He revealed in an interview that he is confident and knows he needs to wear the signature number if he wants to score. His high school stats suggest he’s a smart pick this way.

also judge Wearing Jordans in high school. He was lucky enough to get his career number in high school and made sure to pay tribute to those who allowed it.

Wearing No. 23 on the basketball court always attracts attention. This may be the most iconic number in all of sports.so anyone playing basketball in that jersey better be good.

The judge is fine. In his senior year of high school, Averaged nearly 17 points per game. That’s a lot for a high school player, and even for a college player. He also averaged more than 11 rebounds per game.making him one of the most dominant big men in the game.

Based on this, probably Could have turned pro in the NBA. He’s a good basketball player, but he’s an even better baseball player.

In 2023, Judge again leads the Yankees in most offensive categories. Despite missing two months due to injury. He also ranks in the top five in the American League in home runs.

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