Kourtney Kardashian, pregnancy cravings and carb obsession

Raise your hand if you haven’t had to deal with any particular cravings during pregnancy! Cravings for certain tastes or foods can be quite common when you’re expecting.

Among the celebrities who can confirm this are Kourtney Kardashian, who is expecting her fourth child – her first with husband Travis Barker – who, after opening up to fans about her journey to conceiving, shared some information about her first trimester of pregnancy and, in particular, her cravings. “For the first three months, I was constantly obsessed with carbs,” Courtney said in an article on her wellness website. Push. “The doctors explained to me, ‘Your baby is like a carbohydrate monster at this stage, and that’s exactly what they want.’

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Considering this, the star Kardashian he explained it during pregnancy you struggle to avoid eating carbohydrates, as is any other food he particularly craves, for that matter. However, she also tries to give her recipes a healthier twist whenever possible. “Indulge your cravings, but try to make healthy choices,” she suggested, then shared her favorite first trimester recipe: creamy coconut pudding. “It’s literally everything I would eat,” she added of the dessert made with coconut, vanilla and lime.

Courtney and the Nausea Cure

In the article, Courtney also talks about experienced nausea during the first trimester and how he dealt with this problem by trying to never go hungry. “During the first trimester, I always had to keep something in my stomach to ease the feeling of nausea,” she explained, and for this reason, “I always carry snacks with me,” the reality star added, also listing some of her favorites: bagels, cereals, tangerines and lollipops.

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