Lathi “Challenge” Lautaro at the deluxe wedding party: party at the resort in Puglia (liked by Madonna)

Family in the Deluxe Farmhouse

Inter’s champion Alessandro Bastoni and the impressive Camilla Bresciani got married on 1 June: for them it was a really quiet and minimal celebration, attended by few people. The two were married a few days after the pharaonic wedding of Lautaro Martínez and Agustina Gandolfo on Lake Como. Here, cleverly, the Nerazzurri defender surprised everyone with a big party for friends at Borgo Egnazia, Sevelettri di Fasano, one of Italy’s most beautiful and enviable resorts. The location has already been chosen – to give a dimension – by Madonna to celebrate her birthday in 2021 or by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for their wedding in 2012. Alessandro and his wife Camila are accompanied by their eldest daughter, Azzurra, who wears matching clothes like mom. and dad.


Around a pool at an Apulian farmhouse, the newlyweds’ party really threw a party in style. And this time several friends have flown to Puglia for the occasion. Niccolò Barella was also present with his wife, Federica.

Tables and Magic

The Festa dei Bastoni was organized in full Borgo Egnazia style, with candles and the typical atmosphere of a deluxe farmhouse. Azzurra, along with her mother, takes a liking to the environment.


A weekend for the guests that begins with a message from the spouses: Alessandro (originally from Piadena in the province of Cremona) and a card with appointments to celebrate Camilla. “Welcome to Puglia” reads the finished sheet, complete with bow and bride’s veil.

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