Latte Make Up, TikTok’s New Viral Beauty Trend: 4 Things You Need to Know!

Warm and bright, it maximizes the radiance of the face: here are 4 things to know about Latte Make Up, the beauty trend of the moment.

Latte Make Up, TikTok's New Viral Beauty Trend: 4 Things You Need to Know!

As is often the case on social media, we allow ourselves to be carried away by trends that force us to discover new products, procedures and habits, new or learned from the past, dedicated to skin care and/or makeup, just like Milk makeup. In fact, this makeup takes pride of place among the beauty trends of this period. In fact, it’s undeniable that the latte effect makeup trend is literally driving social media, makeup lovers and celebrities around the world crazy. From Hailey Bieber to Kendall Jenner, from Dakota Johnson to Cara Delevingne… In fact, it was they who crowned the milky makeup and all its shades with the coolest makeup of this season. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what it is and how to replicate this super-bright makeup trend that’s perfect for boosting your tan…

What is Latte Make Up and what makes it so cool?

His name is Makeup milk but it makes you think about everything except white or milk makeup. In fact, this new makeup trend is characterized by warm and enveloping cappuccino tones, latte macchiato or even tanned and tanned California girls. In fact, this beauty trend offers super bright foundation and makeup with warm colors like brown, gold and caramel. The base is natural, characterized by the play of light and shadow obtained through the use of bronzer and some bronzer for easy contouring along with highlighter or concealer. The final result is perfect for summer as it intensifies and reproduces the tan. You can be sure that makeup milk is perfect for almost all skin types and should only be avoided if you have a particularly cool undertone. Now we have talked about the base, in the following paragraphs we will tell you how to do eye and lip makeup.

A new but not entirely new makeup trend

It’s good to know that this “new” trend isn’t all that new! In fact, the viral phrase on Tik Tok began with a photo of the make-up artist’s look. Taniel Jai which dates from, listen, listen, 2018 (see photo). On his Ig profile, Jai commented on the viral trend: “Funny how a look from 2018 went viral today. Today it’s called latte makeup, but it’s just bronzed makeup with caramel tones.”

Milk Make Up: how to make up your eyes

smoky eyes brown in perfect 90s style, with this trend, it is back to make our hearts beat and be the protagonist of our summer 2023. How to do it? Apply a brown pencil to the upper lash line and blend it with a small brush. You can also mix it with a bronzer to add intensity and brilliance to the pencil. The shade is then created on the outside of the eye with a satin brown eyeshadow to then illuminate the center of the eyelid with eyeshadow copper, caramel or hazelnut, as long as it is ultra shimmery. Then you can’t miss the audition ink. Go for black if you love a classic look and go for brown mascara instead if you like to follow the hottest trends of today. To frame the look even more, we advise you to emphasize the eyebrows as much as possible and fix them with a transparent or colored gel. Finishing touch? Create points of light withenlightening Apply it to the inner corner of the eye and just below the brow bone. You will see, the wow effect is guaranteed!

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Lips? Nude and super glossy

Lips follow the style of the rest of the makeup, so they should be very shiny, but nude. Next, arm yourself with a lip liner to match your complexion: dal brick To hazelnutpassing through Cappuccino AND rosewood, all the nude nuances are perfect for this purpose. Now circle the contour of the lips a little beyond the natural. Thus, you can increase the volume of the lips and correct any asymmetry. After this step, to avoid too harsh contouring and fake effect, blend the pencil inward and finish with the brightest gloss you have!

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